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Saturday, December 28, 2013


This is getting old already

The YOU TUBE JUNKYARD of news sources

It seems these YOU TUBE JUNKIES just keep hammering out MISINFORMATION on their own ANVILS.   Not sure if any of this is credible but I see some of these guys have quite a following.   I'll stick to CNN, CBC, NBC, ABC, and FOX, for better confirmation.

Much of this really is worth ignoring unless you want a slight chuckle over it.  Although I think it's becoming more than just stupid.

And since G4T came out reporting that the ALTERNATIVE CONSPIRACY NEWS GENRE is a big joke now that just about takes down the entire TRUTH MOVEMENT:

"Don't take my word for anything..."

Don't worry, many of us don't.  Only the five or six thousand from some small town in America averaged into the rest of the population click your video. 


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