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Sunday, December 29, 2013

GOLD and SILVER investors are happy either way it goes

Don't worry be happy right?

Or don't worry keep stackin'?

To some GOLD and SILVER is real money.  To others it's not real money.  It just depends how you look at it.  The reality comes in when you need to spend it.  Then you find out if it's money or not.  And it's not. :-)

What's your honest opinion on the GOLD and SILVER con artists?  LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW:

What do Ben Bernanke and Ron Paul think about it?

Is GOLD and SILVER money?  Well according to those in the Federal Reserve and FOMC who institute MONETARY POLICY it is not.  To others who believe the old fashioned U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights it is.  It might just be two religions? 

Ron Paul asked Ben Bernanke, "Do you think gold is money?" 
Ben Bernanke answered, "No."
Ron Paul responded later with, "Well some people still think it's money."

So what do you think?  I think I'm going to stack Quaker Oatmeal, coffee beans, and some bags of corn: 



  1. Mike Maloney, David Morgan, Eric Sprott, Max Keiser, and others are trading silver and gold while telling us all to dollar cost average every month keep stacking don't worry about pullbacks. I remember when QE3 on Sept. 13, 2012; On Mike Baloney's website he had 1933's Gold Digger song I'm in the Money. I would have to assume he sold his silver holdings that day cause silver went from $26.50 to $35.00 then of course he buys that sportscar with the Stackers money while they are waiting for silver to hit $1500. Then you got Bill Murphy saying he heard that there is going to be big moves coming in gold and silver starting in August 2012. This shows Bill doesn't know shit about gold and silver when other people are telling him what to do although I think he is funded by Sprott. I mean Sprott goes on Greg Hunter's show and The Silver Doctors show and probably tells Bill Murphy to go on SGT's show. I could write a book on the suspicious activity of these charlatans. David Morgan had been calling for $50 dollar silver in 2012 lol!!!! And of course it was Max Keiser's Buy Silver Break JPMorgan that drove silver to $50 in 2011. Max has a huge audience on RT and the Alex Jones Show. I think silver is going up someday but I'm going to trade silver for a few years cause I got so much of this shit.

    1. I will cover these guys again as soon as we get over the holidays here and start the new year. They are being very careful now and it will be interesting how they handle the DJIA rising through 20,000 to 25,000 and a strengthening U.S. DOLLAR. If you look at the US DOLLAR INDEX you can see that they are being somewhat less than honest about it. Even Ron Paul doesn't give completely accurate information. But Ron Paul is selling his latest books and home school curriculum.

      G4T spilled the beans actually and even though G4T is looking for more attention you would think many of these people would see this asset scam for what it is. I guess it's going to take more time with the current bear market.

      The best thing to do right now is trade. There's no such thing as investments. That's the way I see it.


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