Saturday, December 21, 2013

G4T is all a joke

Many of you are a BIG JOKE

"G4T is ah I guess yea it's a it's a I guess yea I'm playing a role when I'm playing G4T George For Title....there's an entertainment value..."
---George Hemminger, G4T, or George4Truth?  

"You guys need to chill out because its ah it was a joke on you; and obviously you took it too serious but you know be happy I guess.  You know I think you're taking the internet way too serious..."
---George Hemminger, G4T, or George4Truth?

This is way beyond strange

Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.
--TITUS 1.5

The screwballs of YOU TUBE just continue to wallow in their stupidity.  For whatever reason they get off on being ridiculous.  Can you imagine having neighbors like this?  These are the strangest cats I've ever seen.

Every one of these loons is about as brainless as they get.

I actually commend Don Harrold here (if he's not acting) with this interview.  (Keep in mind this whole damn thing could be a coordinated act and that cannot be ruled out.)

Isn't it interesting that when asked if Perla is really his wife and those kids are really his family he didn't want to answer?  Wow people!  This guy really is a serious flake!  


At least it shows how much misinformation is being dished out today in the name of "TRUTHERS" and "THE TRUTH MOVEMENT."    Why not just call it THE LIE MOVEMENT? 


"Personally I'm jaded..."
--George Hemminger


I HOPE THE NSA and FBI are watching these subjects:

I really hope the FBI and the NSA, Secret Service, etc. are watching these people.  You talk about some people who are really trying to create havoc with the U.S. GOVERNMENT, etc.  This is really quite troubling.  In fact this guy is linked with so many others who call themselves truthers and patriots and he has been on RTTV, INFOWARS, and hooked in with the NIA groupies and many others.  

At times I don't mind the government snoops checking on people like this who really try to ignite chaos and confusion and talk about revolutions against criminal government, etc.  This is really beyond weird.

I'm almost wondering if men are going mad today as perhaps God begins a serious measure of judgement upon America.  Their consciences seem rather seared and their desire to create a growing culture of chaos is rather peculiar. 


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