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Monday, December 23, 2013


Making fun of CURRENT EVENTS and NEWS

I said in my haste, All men are liars.
--PSALM 116.11


It's all a big joke; it really is!

Remember: G4T was hooked in and confederate with INFOWARS, RTTV, the NIA, many other TRUTHERS and PATRIOTS, GOLD and SILVER sellers, and so much FALSE NEWS REPORTING even though he would appear on Russian TV, INFOWARS and other media.  What does this mean?  This means there are quite a load of LIARS STILL OUT THERE.

Who are all the other liars?  Start with the TRUTHERS and PATRIOTS and go from there...

I see Don Harrold took down his video too.  These videos will all go very soon before too many people realize what's going on on YOU TUBE.  The News UNIT has been warning about this for TWO YEARS or more now: 


"There is no movement.  There is nothing.  There's just you living a good life..."
--George Hemminger

There really isn't.  He's right.  And there are many other Hollywood linked actors, actresses, videographers, cinematographers, screen writers, directors, computer editors, etc. that inhabit YOU TUBE making merchandise off people unawares.  Think about that now when you watch INFOWARS. 

I used to watch INFOWARS during certain news events but I can see very clearly in between the shootings, etc. that this is all BULLSHIT!

Notice he doesn't want people around now and he's angry about it.  Or is he acting?  Can you believe him now? 

What do you do now?


REALIZE THIS:  There actually are people that lost their homes and their entire financial solvency because of people like this.  Other people like this include but are not limited to the ENTIRE LIST of TRUTHERS and PATRIOTS that I won't even take time to list here.  You figure it out!

YOU TUBE is basically INTERNET TELEVISION.  Many of these people were telling folks that they should not watch TELEVISION (T.V.) but they should watch them.  And they did.  You're better off with a TELEVISION.  It would have saved you money. 

Now you may or may not believe this but it's true.  God is going to send his strong delusion so people believe a lie.  This is just a taste of it.  Some people don't like the taste of this.  But people love lies and they wallow in lies and deceit even calling it fun.  Fun?  God is going to have the last laugh:


1 comment:

  1. Did I ever waste a lot of time, not on G4T but other channels. I knew something was wrong in the world when the 2008 financial collapse and we get lied into a war, then we can't even win a damn war losing thousands of men and ruining hundreds of thousands of soldiers lives. I knew Barack Obama was a scam in 2008, it was fucking OBVIOUS. In my opinion people who watched G4T wanted to know what was going on in California and he was giving them bullshit, then begging for money. Ernie says doomers crave doom porn but they don't. They are looking for the truth and these actors on Youtube were creating a false reality and some of these Truthers are not that smart. I used to watch a lot of Alex Jones and I did learn a lot but some things he said just didn't add up. I wasted 2011 on the internet concerning the economy and fucking silver! Im glad I kept my opinions to myself cause I can imagine some Truthers are outright embarrassing themselves right now. Damn you Max Keiser and the Silver Liberation Army!


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