Monday, December 30, 2013

DHS Insider Gives Final Warning

More TRUTHER and PATRIOT warnings:


(Every time I look at any news other than MAINSTREAM MEDIA I give it the G4T TRUTH TEST)

LINK with suspect report:

  •  Alex Jones
  •  Doug Hagmann
  •  Steye Quayle
  •  Unknown DHS insider (Codeword "Rosebud")
The suspects again are Alex Jones, Doug Hagmann, and some DHS source. :-)  This sounds very much like Lindsey Williams with his ELITE SOURCES.  Steve Quayle is also part of this gang.  Anyway this next video is exactly 1 year ago.


Since G4T came out and exposed the TRUTHER and PATRIOT movement as STAGE ACTING and PLAY ACTING you can see now how this works below.  It's all false information and it has to be given the G4T TRUTH TEST to see if it's credible:

Here's a review of the DHS INSIDER From Alex Jones and Doug Hagmann on December 28, 2012:

And now the latest DHS INSIDER report

Here's The December 27, 2013 radio show with Hagmann and Hagmann.  Doug Hagmann gets into this DHS INSIDER so get your pencil and paper ready...

Find Additional News Podcasts with Hagmann and Hagmann Report on BlogTalkRadio

Here's another TRUTHER that's monitoring the DHS INSIDER along with GOLD and SILVER.  He gets his wisdom from Putin the Cat:




  1. I remember Hagmann on The Alex Jones Show in August 2012 quoting his source saying "It's going HOT!!!" and nothing happened as usual. I like Joel Skousen and he has called out Lindsey Williams and Doug Hagmann to prove they have sources. Because if the NSA is listening to everyone and checking all Emails how can these guys stay in business without someone knowing what is going on unless they are being fed disinfo. Im sure you researched this already but the Koch brothers have a lot of ties to the Libertarian party and the patriarch of the family is one of the founding members of the John Birch Society for crying out loud.

    1. Isn't it amazing how G4T became a whistleblower on the TRUTHER MOVEMENT? He really put them all out there and it should not become obvious to even the casual observer that these are all false reports.

    2. G4T is the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. How many more times can Doug Hagmann cry wolf, scare the hell out of people and be taken seriously? Hagmann is going to get innocent people hurt. Listen to the latest claims he's peddling with no proof. US Military coup would've happened to overthrow Obama if Americans joined them with some guy named David Hodges.
    Accusing the military of treason is a very serious offense.


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