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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Trip Down G4T Memory Lane

G4T has quite a resume 

Is he an experienced con artist?

The Founder of Survive and Thrive T.V.

Anyone every wonder how all these subjects and organizations are related?
  • G4T
  • Peter Schiff
  • Alex Jones
  • Daniel Ameduri (and the NIA gangsters)
  • Jonathan Lebed
  • Casey Research :-)
  • Gerald Celente
  • Marc Faber
  • Jim Rogers
  • Eric Sprott (and the "Sprott Brothers" cartel)
  • Man Of Truth 
  • Max Keiser 
  • SGTbull07
  • BrotherJohnF 
  • Royal Metals Group
The National Inflation Association 

LARGE LOAD (pun intended): 

Peter Schiff warned about the NIA or National Inflation Association.  You're such an honest guy Peter:

Wow there was quite a NIA shakeup with G4T also.  Peter Schiff interviewed G4T on the matter.  This next interview was in May 2011:

Future Money Trends

An old NIA gangster in action now promoting BITCOIN:

G4T and Royal Metals Group


Is this G4T or George Hemminger on INFOWARS?  Maybe it's George Hemminger in the act?  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW AT [TIME 16:11]:

G4T and Russian T.V. U.S.A.

RTTV, RT, Russian Television U.S.A.  This might be George Hemminger and maybe not G4T...can you tell?

G4T Equal Employment Opportunity 

Does G4T need some new employment opportunities?  Some people have actually tried to reach out to George and hire him.  Here's an example:

And now the latest on G4T

Unfortunately in the end now it has come to this:


1 comment:

  1. He's no mere scammer. Because of his criminal network on the internet I believe he is part of an organized disinformation network.

    the donations and adsense are just put out there and made a big deal over as a distraction.

    I think they type of sociopath G4T is gets real joy out of fucking people over mentally, and when he gets some donations it's like some form of triumphant victory for him. He has utterly conquered their very souls.

    No matter where he goes, or how he tries to reinvent himself, he will never be allowed to operate without interference by those of us who are hip to his games.


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