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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The U.S. Constitution is now AN OLD ASSUMPTION

The Obama Gun Edict
"...and I'm not going to be able to do it by myself.  Ultimately if this effort is to succeed it's going to require the help of the American people.  It's going to require all of you (the media).  If we're going to change things it's going to take a wave of Americans:  Mothers and fathers; daughters and sons; pastors, law enforcement, mental health professionals, and yes--gun owners, standing up and saying, "Enough--on behalf of our kids!"   It will take commitment, and compromise, and most of all it will take courage. But If those of us that were sent here to serve the public trust can summon even one tiny iota of the courage those teachers, that principal in Newtown summoned on Friday; if cooperation and common sense prevail, then I'm convinced we can make a sensible intelligent way to make The United States of America a safer stronger place for our children to learn and to grow."
---President Barack Hussein Obama

The Obama Monarchy Rises Up

This is a team of anti-Constitutional OATH OF OFFICE violators.  You will now hear the DECREE given to America of which you must agree regardless of the law of the land.  And they want the rule over you:


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