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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Making the world safe for democracy
The media and government officials continue their assault on America's guns.  Their target now is this AR-15 Rifle which over 3,000,000 Americans lawfully own and use.  in fact they report here there will be many under the Christmas tree this Christmas.

Some say all this education that the media is constructing along with Washington D.C. lawmakers who want to violate the U.S. Constitution along with their OATH OF OFFICE is educating America to the fact that we have a government out of country and working on tyranny and oppression rather than individual freedom and liberty.  They fear losing control of American freedoms and rights as these alleged GUN FREE ZONES in schools may also change as more and more lawful Americans are exercising their right to bear arms at their individual discretion.

So this lawlessness to take the right to bear arms from individual Americans is coming from both the mainstream media and the Obama administration after a few unfortunate shootings while the same Administration has a record of lawlessness and killing using M-16's, missiles, and other "UNUSUAL WEAPONS" to do what they call is "make the world safe for democracy" also making this nation to stink in the eyes of the world.


The "lawmakers" which include our president, members of Congress, etc. are guilty of violating their OATH OF OFFICE.  This is a serious criminal act and is a felony.  ( 18 USC 3571 )

The British are coming via CNN

Piers Morgan or "Mouthy Morgan" treats Americans with disdain and contempt while he himself is not an American citizen but a British big mouth who works for CNN here and is part of the movement against American freedom and liberty.  This man needs some exposure after his recent attempt to silence the truth from Larry Pratt here below.  WATCH THIS:

Keep in mind Larry Pratt is Executive Director of GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA:
Watch this anti-American Britt big mouth attack not only Larry Pratt but attacking the U.S. Constitution...THIS GUY IS BASICALLY AN EVIL, ARROGANT, MOUTHY ALIEN ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVIST...

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