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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rainbow 6 Patriots: Are they deranged?

The society of modern warfare and game play

We are being told now that owners of Bushmaster Assault Weapons here in America are deranged and are potential mass shooters.  So take a look at these interactive video games that are there for us to play.  This looks like the powers that be (God's ministers) want us to turn in our guns and play these interactive games of violence with sex, blood, lust, bombing, shooting, and killing.  And they suggest the target is Times Square. 

Why we have killer criminals today

Games with M-16's and large ammunition clips are acceptable.  But if you own a real Bushmaster you are deranged and a potential mass shooter.  Perhaps the mental health industry will assign these video games as mandatory therapy for lawful gun owners after they have their real weapons confiscated?  There will probably be some sort of disorder not otherwise specified:


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