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Friday, December 28, 2012

Platinum is going down: Palladium is going up

There seems to be a strange disconnect with PLATINUM and also some reports that PALLADIUM demand is about to rise with a shortage of supply.  Recently I did some research on this and find very little information concerning these two metals.  All that is usually given is that they are industrial metals that are used primarily in catalytic converts in the automobile industry.

There are those who also say that PALLADIUM is gaining a global demand in the jewelry industry as compared with GOLD.  So I searched KAY JEWELERS and notice that there appear to be more and more rings being made with PALLADIUM rather than GOLD.   

As far as the usual Wall Street and Investment symbols go the usual ETF's and stocks come to mind for GOLD and SILVER including GLD, SLV, AGQ, IAU, USLV, PHYS, PSLV, AUY, NEM, CDE, SLW, TRX, and others.  

But there are very limited symbols concerning PLATINUM and PALLADIUM of which include a recent Sprott Fund IPO under the symbol SPPP and also PALL and PAL.  Why this sector of precious metals has so limited information and coverage could be the very reason to keep a close eye on this:

A few recent article that I did find include these: 

CNBC seems all of the sudden attracted to PALLADIUM.  Perhaps Cramer will be covering more on PALL and PAL:|headline|quote|text|&par=yahoo   

And here's a chart commentary on PALLADIUM: 

Notice the charts below which only need to be refreshed to be updated here.  Right now at the time of this post the trend in PLATINUM has been DOWN and the trend in PALLADIUM is UPWARD.   I don't have much to say about GOLD and SILVER because I think the U.S. DOLLAR is going to be strengthened over the next year now albeit artificially of course: 



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