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Friday, December 28, 2012

No Rifle Used In Sandy Hook Shooting

Apparently our own government believes whatever the mainstream media dishes out and does not wait for official reports from police.  Maybe the Connecticut State Police with their ten gallon hats and five gallon heads can take criminal action against the U.S. Government including the president, vice president and various other anti-Constitutional representatives?  The Connecticut State Police was threatening social media for misinformation and now we have more information telling that no rifle was used in the Sandy Hook School shooting.  How about taking action against the mainstream media instead of attacking social media?  Has anyone noticed that just about all the media platforms and our government officials have been doing the threatening since this Sandy Hook shooting?  They have been threatening "We the people" and have been threatening the U.S. Constitution and all along providing us with their own misinformation:


Connecticut State Police Threatened Social Media

Remember that these thugs threatened social media with Federal action.  You really need to watch for who the real terrorists are

The Connecticut Police sound like a bunch of Soviets here too.  Watch INFOWARS report on some recent developments of 2 or possibly even 3 shooters at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Now we've recently learned that there were 4 handguns used in the assault and no rifle--at all.

Also in this report THE STOCK MARKET is finally considered a rank rigged casino...How about that!....


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