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Friday, December 21, 2012

Max Keiser's pal from the U.K. another globalist GUN CONTROL vulture

NRA labeled as psychotic

This guy "The Artist Taxi Driver" acts like he's against all the criminal bankers as he hobnobs with Max Keiser and others and NOTICE he's another big mouth Britt like Piers Morgan. 

America has an entire load of foreigners moving to take down The United States Of America with this recent GUN CONTROL MOVEMENT after a school shooting.  This is proof that this is a global movement to take down this country and turn it into the New World Order Police State:

Alex Jones better be careful who he's associating with as Max Keiser and many others are working carefully and with cunning craftiness to actually take down The United States Of America.  No doubt more of these enemies will be found out:


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