Sunday, December 30, 2012




  1. It is happening, first our weapons and after recent tragedy it is most definitely happening. Seems a little fishy

  2. We are in the tribulation! So many things we are told to look for in the last days are here and have been!

    1. You can't come to that conclusion because it has to do with Jerusalem not the U.S.A. Go back and study again. It's the time of Jacob's trouble not the time of the U.S.A. trouble. This is a gentile nation the U.S.A. and we don't have the promises other than the gospel of Christ. Yet in the gospel of Christ we have the power of God unto salvation.

      Well then if you think we are in "tribulation" (not "The tribulation") then how many years are we into this? It's only 3 1/2 years then right?

      Go study more as we need to rightly divide the word of truth.

  3. Goodness. Jacob's trouble has to do with the 12 tribes that came from his loins. What happens in Israel effects us here in the US because our government made political ties with other countries such as Israel. The tribulation time is 3.5 years, but when you look at the whole thing, the last days along with the tribulation lasts a total of 7 years. The message of Messiah was salvation was then offered freely to ALL mankind--> 12 Tribes AND the entire world. There is salvation in the Names, please find what Their Names actually are. G-d is merely a sorry little title, which g-d? Zeus? Thor? There are many g-ds out there. Also the Father's Name is in the Son's Name, right? (Many Scriptures back that up.) So explain how the title "g-d" has ANYTHING to do with this Greek pagan name: "J-sus"?? I'm just saying, if you're speaking about rightly dividing His Word and knowing Truth, then also be sure to do the same. Yahuah's Shalom to my brethren and sisters.

    1. S- y-- b-l--v- w- sh--ld -nly -s- c-ns-n-nts

      Wh-t h-pp-n-d t- English?

      Salvation came to the Jew first and also to the Greek. Parthians, Medes, dwellers of Mesapotamia and others heard the word of God in their own language. So then they must have heard a perversion?

      I won't hesitate to engage you in this because I receive the gospel of Christ. Ever hear that gospel that Paul preached? Do you believe it? Or do you want to do despite unto the Spirit of grace?

      Why do you spell Yahuah like that? You should spell it Y-h--h then.

      God is not a sorry little title. Who art thou that repliest against God?

      You say there are many gods and though there be gods many...there is one living and true God.

      I suppose you are going to tell me you keep Torah too? No you don't.


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