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Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to find the truth in the news

These days as mainstream media is full of lies and deceit you have to choose alternative credible sources for your information gathering to make your own decisions.  But it is important to remember that things are not always what they appear to be. 

A recent example is Mellisa Melton from INFOWARS who was faking tears on Infowars Nightly News: 

First, here is a very helpful LINK to learn an important lesson in news gathering and information.  Then come back and watch the INFOWARS VIDEO below: 

The Conspiracy of Tears at INFOWARS 

I said in my haste, All men [are] liars.
---PSALM 116.11

Actress: Melissa Melton, INFOWARS Anchorwoman 

Take a look at this video at [TIME 06:00] and you can watch Melissa transform from the smiley anchorwoman covering the 2ND AMENDMENT CRISIS to a video exposing Obama's murderous trail of dead children and she returns with her phony dry-crying trick that went afoul.

Now what do you do with INFOWARS?  ANSWER:  You expose them too:

I don't like this INFOWARS anchorwoman pulling this stunt.  I'm hoping Alex will send her packing and out the door at once.  If INFOWARS pulls any nonsense there are those of us who are watching:



  1. Obama was the only fake performance I saw. Melissa seems to have no other agenda than to expose lies to free the truth and fight against tyranny of all forms. I suspect anyone that is against that ... is part of it.

    1. Unfortunately there are more performers than just Obama. That's why this country is in more danger than most people realize. I'm against all the evil in whatever for it disguises itself whether the gullible people like it or not.

  2. ALex jones banned steve pieczenik for talking about Israel being behind 9/11. Alex later tried to say on air that he was trying to get steve on but steve didnt answer. Alex bans my accts when I expose him. STeves website, and "Shocking 9/11 Mossad Connection Revealed" will lead you where you need to be. THe youtube video of that day has all top comments exposing he changed the video title to kookery to protect his handlers in Israel.

  3. I'm hoping this isn't the reason Melissa is no longer working for Infowars.


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