Monday, December 31, 2012

Fighting Unconstitutional Gun Legislation

The U.S.A. GUN BAN approaches
Most Americans too busy watching T.V.

Already 92 views on this video!  Only about 2 MILLION to go to get the job done.  America is asleep and those enemies (both foreign and domestic) are easily rising up to abolish the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

Have you noticed that most of our leaders are always laughing together and joking amongst themselves?  They know they have the mastery over the U.S. Constitution now as they have been exercising their lawlessness while the media and general public calls them "lawmakers".  They are making laws all right.  

You only have a few places and people left in this nation that take charge like Sheriff Joe and I can't even name any others.  Isn't that sad?  Not really but it certainly is the end of America.  

Most Americans are too busy watching football and playing violent video games.  Sleep on Amerika!....ZZZZZZ.....

A friend of mine wrote me today and said it could be that this run on guns is just what the eugenicists want followed by some agitation or false flag among the welfare community resulting in a race war.  Maybe the end of the welfare maggots is approaching?

Today ConnectingDots2 told me that I'm not ready for what's coming.  He said he was warning about this all since 2008.  This guy is a Canadian that runs a YOU TUBE channel and thinks he's some great one running around measuring Fukushima radiation.  Well I'm glad he's so prepared.  All I have is faith in Christ Jesus which to him probably doesn't amount to much in his mental capacity.  

So I guess it's off to the FEMA CAMP for me.  I won't be able to string a rope on my bug out bag and carry a few monster boxes of silver through the woods for survival.  Poor me.


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