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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Examining The New World Order Membership

THE NEW WORLD ORDER is defined as a worldwide conspiracy orchestrated by a tribe of genetically related individuals including many of the wealthy, politically powerful and corporate elite of the world...

The Alternative News Media and Broadcasting

What we have here is a large group of old amateur radio operators that have moved into what they call a "radio network" both online and on various radio stations and shortwave broadcast, etc.   Years ago they used to congregate on and around 3.950 MHz called "The Liberty Net" and some would buy various broadcast slots on WWCR, WHRI, WRNO, and a few other stations.  Yes I know who many of you are! :-)

They have been pushing gold, silver, guns, and survival equipment and food storage for years now with one of their first major events being the Y2K event.  After the inside job of 9-11 there was a major transformation made to the internet with many of these patriot and liberty groups and of course some of them try to throw a little bit of God and the Holy Bible in for good marketing.  There is nothing new under the sun!

And I'm monitoring... 

The controlled opposition

Some say there are those in the alternative news media that are a controlled opposition.  Some examples include:
  • Alex Jones
  • Glenn Beck
  • Michael Savage


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