Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adam Kokesh Conspiracy?

Or Coincidence? 

Is this Adam Kokesh or Geoff Shively?  or both?

Make up your own mind about it because I'm not into conspiracy theories about Hollywood actors and actresses playing mind games with the sheeple.  Of course not...
Watch the video starting at [TIME 12:43]



  1. amazing resemblance

  2. Sorry, I don't see any resemblance. Kokesh is way too good looking to be mistaken for that Shively character. Kokunt pushes Illuminist memes but this is over the top.

  3. I pulled up a video of kokesh and listened to his voice, then listened to shivley, then kokesh.. they are indeed the same person... This needs to be looked into.

  4. 3rd CAG Camp Pendleton? Same Unit As Lt Nark Lice? What about Pete Snitchshilly?


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