Saturday, February 4, 2012

Who is Pastor Dowell?

I can tell you this:  I sent him a few comments about a month or two ago and he blocked me from his site.  It was simple bible questions that he could not and would not answer.  In addition to that I sent him a PERSONAL MESSAGE and he responded by saying:  

"You have no idea what I am doing here."  ---Pastor Dowell

Now since then The News UNIT has been BLOCKED on his channel.  I don't even see that message on my message history.  Interesting!  Something fishy there and I think any thinking person that is somewhat aware gets the drift:

So what is this all about?  Start by  CLICKING HERE

Also over the last two years I had the same computer tech dispatched to my home here to fix my computer under warranty repair.  He was a Mong and we had some interesting conversation.  One thing that was especially revealing was he mentioned that many in his family including his dad, brother, etc. worked for the C.I.A.  He mentioned he knew many foreign people getting hired with the C.I.A. here in the U.S.A.  I didn't think much of that until recently.  Now I get it.

He then was dispatched again and I further questioned him about his C.I.A. family.  He then denied it and gave me a funny look.  I mentioned he told me last time his family worked for the C.I.A. in California, etc. and he showed some fear.  He denied it and said:  "No C.I.A.---no, no,---no C.I.A."  I said:  "Ok."  I changed the subject but something is weird about it. 

Beware of the SILVER and GOLD pumpers too.  Many of them have been dishonest!  Pastor Dowell is one of them.  Pastor Dowell's god is none other than the Devil and Satan.  I have no fear of him or anyone since I am in Christ Jesus and have believed the gospel of Christ.  I'm justified by faith in his blood.



  1. Weird, I heard he lives in like a cult communion setting.

  2. yes indeed,he does try to establish a community,like those folks in waco did.

  3. He takes the peoples money, and buys whatever the hell he wants with it. They are commanded to bring everything to him, money, cds, silver, gold, anything of value, and he gets to desseminate it as he pleases.

    He is exposed right here:


  4. Well I have listened to you and to Dowell. But when you talk cult look at the Christians or Muslims. Catholics want your money but they cannot pay their bills. But they own the largest art collections in the world. Muslims are barbaric and worship a form of Judaism with a twist to kill anyone that doesn't believe what they do. Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc. they are all 501c3 and don't preach against government or anything that will make people uncomfortable. So what makes you uncomfortable. Waco that was a cult Stair's compound yes he was a freak but not a cult. Dowell no he is not a cult. People who don't understand something call it crazy or cult. I he takes money from people did he take it by force, no they gave it. Just like a church of your choice they take money.
    But as for the gold and silver he is right. When a government goes bankrupt what is the tangible currency gold and silver for it has been around since the beginning of time. So as for pushing gold and silver it isn't like he supports a sight and say's go buy it from here. That would be a pusher. But he just is warning people of inanimate danger from a collapsing government.
    So what I hear is the ramblings of someone who hears with a Vango ear. His teachings are not from NIV version of the bible. Look into the 1611 version and that is what he is preaching from. Sorry that he is not lieing like the Joel Olsteen's of the world. So we need to listen with both ears and stop crying if someone gets their feelings hurt. I always ask if they met the person and listened to what they had to say. So cults are for weak minded people and I don't see anyone that is weak minded there. I will go visit and write back again with what I find.

  5. You people have no idea what you are talking about. Literally. Stay lost in your paganism.