Monday, February 6, 2012

R.G. Stair and Pastor Dowell Cult Confusion

'If God doesn't make a major move before the year 2000, I'll tell God to go to hell."
----R.G. Stair, circa 1999 

Many of these cults go back to R.G. Stair 

The "man of GOD" R.G. Stair (yea right)
It's the typical MO for "truthers" and "preppers":  A typical radical, alleged "fundamental type", separatist, who takes The Holy Bible and runs with his own opinion unto his own destruction and those of his followers.  But then go ahead and do what you want because God has this strong delusion planned just for you.  You can read about that "strong delusion" right here on The News UNIT.  These are the freaks who might actually be CIA double agents although I don't know for certain but nothing surprises me anymore.
This is one large conglomerate of confusion set forth to stir up the government and who knows what else.  Actually this might just be of God, but not the way they think.  To find out what I mean just  CLICK HERE.

The Man of God R.G. Stair continues his cult:  Listen to him live. CLICK HERE  Sounds just like INFOWARS, AMERICAN FREEDOM NETWORK and other "truthers"...etc.  Same old game with a little Holy Bible thrown in and everybody runs to these freaks for the latest "man of God" fetish. Here's his website: 

Sounds like "the truthers".  This is no accident!  I"ve only been listning for 5 minutes and it sounds like INFOWARS, Sgtbull07, and you just go ahead and name all the rest of them.  Here's another suspect:

Pastor Dowell is one of R.G. Stair's men

Why do I post this?  Because of some things that have surfaced about a Pastor Dowell and some say he's related to R.G. Stair.  This doesn't surprise me because I used to monitor these false preachers years ago:

This R.G. Stair is the start of a whole load of confusion and perversion among people who act like some kind of "people of God", "Israel", and even "Christians".  What a mess!  It's all part of the Strong Delusion that God has planned for all the unbelievers even those under the name of "Christian" or "man of God" or whatever name they want to call themselves. 

Stair and Dowell EXPOSED!
I'd keep my family and children away from these men.  They commit crime and and get away with it all in the name of serving God:

@newsunit It's a long story, but I heard that he used to part of R.G. Stair's group back in the day. I don't want bare false witness but someone told me that Dowell is a money hungry thief. I also heard that Dowell ruined some woman's marriage. Afterwards she left Straitway and then the church left harassing massages at her home. Look the history of R.G. Stair and learn what Straitway is truly about. After you research you will find out that its the same damn thing.

Stair never ended his program or his ministry...somehow he got off...probably money...

WARNING:  CONFUSING THREE VIDEOS HERE.  This guy exposes Stair and then he comes across as living on the plantation and upholds him as a prophet.  This is very strange.  I think God is causing many of these freaks to actually lose their own mind.  (That's just a thought--he didn't tell me that :-))


Testimonies of R.G. Stair: 


  1. That dude is still under the influence. Damn he is confused. Poor thing. Check it out bro- someone took up the torch:

    Cab't wait to hear what he has to say about THAT!

  2. Yeah I don't trust him one iota. Many YT's like jsnip4 follow this guy like Dowell is the pied piper.
    Dowell links to his (jsnips) website on his YT I think these two guys feed off of eachother, and jsnip is very impressionable. I used to be a member of his website realist news but I left long ago because frankly there are some hardcore guys there. I won't mention any of their names but one in particular, I think he's deadly serious in what he believes and I think one day he might snap! He has access to a lot of weapons, and he's very on edge in his YT videos.

  3. I would like to make one comment. You guys who put yourself up as judge of guys like these. Who judges you?

    How do we know that you are not who you claim these people to be.

    All is subjective. Point to others and cause division and appear as if you are a good guy.

    Not suggesting you are not bona fide; then again who knows!

  4. Before you attempt to assassinate ones character, I would suggest that you listen to Pastor Dowell and then do your due dilligence. PROVE HIM WRONG IN HIS TEACHINGS. He sends out invitations all the time but NO ONE answers....WHY?????? The resources that he uses are all well documented sources that confirm biblical FACTS. Why isn't America teaching this history to its citizens? HMMMM!!! I wonder why. The KJV 1611 ed., if you READ, does not read as many of these well known clown teachers teach in their mega-churches today. Why is it so wrong to explain the bible according to how it is WRITTEN. Someone PLEASE explain!!! Just read the book!

    1. You should know what you're writing about before you demonstrate complete ignorance in this matter. But I'm not here to convince you about anything and since I have listened to these men who don't know the scripture of truth nor the power of God I have concluded them to be false teachers. The phrase "Real men keep Torah" should give you a clue but apparently you don't even have a clue. So I suggest you do your own due diligence as you say and start studying the A.V. a little bit closer. Learn how to rightly divide the word of truth.

    2. I may be ignorant and a fool but I read and comprehend quite well. From now on you will be known as the "Scholar". Read Matt 10:5-7 and Matt 15:22-27 and explain to me who Jesus came to attone for. It damn sure was not buddha, christians, or the likes. God had a chosen people; Mr. Genesis and Exodus!...Read your bible from the beginning. Hate to dissappoint you but Jesus said he came to do the will of the Father. Can it get any more clear than that....Please give me your interpretation of the aforementionted verses. Go ahead and add your own philosphy and understanding, but I can not debate or argue with you if you can not comprehend SIMPLE biblical verses. I bet you dont even keep the you? Read 1John 2:4!!! You got to do more than read John 3:16 because Phillipians 2:12 speaks directly to YOU also! Read your bible and stop listening to what the general masses speak. Please do not be a FOOL! Seek truth!!!!Shalom!!!

  5. My husband and I went to dowells' compound/cult April - October 2011, and he has not changed, if anything he's got worse, from when he first struck out on his own after sticking with stair long after the news about him came out. Guess he felt why stay under stair when he could have his own cult and have total control over peoples lives. I left b/c I saw what he was and is capable of doing. He calls me and my husband a lot of things(but whatever satisfies his ego), all we want is our things back(.50 cal. gun/and hundreds of rounds of ammo, and our military 2 1/2 tonne truck) but he refuses to give it back b/c he covets things of the world like he tells others not to do. Now he threatens to sue my husband and myself b/c people read my testimony and continually ask him about it, and he doesn't want to have to explain to them. He's upset b/c the info about him is out there and much easier for people to find, unlike when me and my husband went there, I didn't know where to look, but thanks to a friend he gave me the interview dowell did with a jim searcy, explaining how he knew r.g. stair was gods prophet(the wild world or religion) is where anyone can find that interview. Now he threatens to sue us for me giving an accurate account of what happened while we were there and why we left.

    1. There is so much I would like to say on the matter of the Gifts that you and your husband gave to our pastor... but I won't even comment on it. However, I will say this; If you believe that you were swindled out of something, and you also believe that Pastor Dowell does not serve and fear the true Yah of Israel...but YOU Yourselves do serve and fear the true Yah of Israel, then it's simple; simply ask The Most High Yah to take over! Ask Him to do what is just (which He will), and watch and see what happens! It's as simple as that. Why back-bite, ridicule and tarnish the name of someone who believes that He is doing the will of the Father, especially if you yourself believe you are too? Why? You become an accuser of the brethren and a reproach to all. YHWH will do what is just. But know this: What's just will be JUSTIFIED. I wish people would think before they post statements such as yours.... I really do. It's almost as if you seek to damn yourselves. Shalom.

    2. My husband and I have been listening via online for a few months now and I am starting to think twice. I would really like to talk to you about your experience if you're up for it. Please email me at

  6. Whatever you say starry-eyed SHEEP. You weren't there, so yeah don't comment on it, because you WILL look like the FOOL you are. Serving God is not to see who can keep up with the JONESES (see who can quote scripture better etc.). I don't have to ask the Lord to make me look good by putting someone else down, he(God) does what he wants in his own time and not when we want to please our FLESH, i think your WISE PROPHET teach you that, but ignores it himself. A PEDIOPHILE NEVER CHANGES. To each his own opinion if YOU think the Lord is just watching and waiting with a magic wand, to waive it whenever someone wants to prove a point, then that's your reality. I know he(God) didn't put us here like PUPPETS on a string and pull it every time he wants us to do something. We do have free will to serve him or whatever entity we believe in. FORCING someone into believing is the HERECY. There is consequence or reward for each action' GOOD OR BAD. So whatever floats your boat.

  7. Dowell is a fool, the people who follow him are fools. I hope to god that one day he comes crumbling down. I have a friend who attends this church why I don't know. I feel like she just let her great college education go behind this fool Dowell and the fool she is supposedly married to date or what ever they call it. Hope she finds the the light and also who ever the member is on the post find the light also. Ps does Satan Dowell wear a wedding band?