Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This guy is the top dope-head of all the pumpers

This guy starts out the video looking at the technicals for silver.  He says he's starting to see some things with silver in his self taught technical analysis and as you will see in the video (if you chose to watch this loon) is he pumps a big imminent spike.  He's one of the NIA CARTEL SUSPECTS FOR CERTAIN!  His projection is a very strong breakthrough through his MAC-D B.S. 

He's observing Jesse Livermore's support resistance theory...blah, blah, blah...and goes on to speak great swelling words of vanity.  Notice he says buy silver above $34.50 buy it and if it trades below $30.25 sell it.  What a goofball!  Buy high and sell low right?  I don't want to post his video but I will here so he makes more money.  Let these guys choke on their money as far as I'm concerned!

Actually this guy is one of the meat-heads that I don't trust---AT ALL!  The guy even admits he's a wimpy Christian pacifist.  He gets nothing more than a big brown zero from me:

He says silver will butt up against $37.20 and then breach that easily and move up $2.00.   Then he goes through a series of stupid lines and comes up with his expectation of a move up through $40 to $45 in the next few weeks:


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