Friday, December 30, 2011

The Truther Conspiracy Cult


The Truther Conspiracy Cult is rising up across primarily The United States Of America and Canada.  Due to the internet there are also members from other satellite countries who take part in spreading propaganda using primarily INTERNET WEBSITES and BLOGSPOTS and also YOU TUBE and GOOGLE VIDEO CHANNELS.  

Recently one channel who describes himself as a "truther" among many others is "barnone11967".  Although "barnone11967" is one of the smaller "truthers" he is up and coming.  Others who are well known as YOU TUBE CHANNELS that call themselves "truthers" include SGTbull07, BrotherJohnF, ScrapGoldBusiness, InflationUS, George4Title, George4Vlogging, GeorgeHemminger, VisionVictory, and VictoryIndependence just to name a few.  There are even other militia groups and various alleged "alternative news channels" that are also of this ilk.

One thing I've noticed about "truthers" is that they claim to generally promote liberty, free speech, The U.S. Constitution, and Ron Paul.  And even though they don't know much about these topics themselves, anyone who disagress with "truthers" is called a "shill" or a "troll" or other derogatory names.  There have even been a few isolated incidents of personal attacks and even death threats.  It is important to note that these "truthers" claim they are hard at work educating a class of uninformed and ignorant people they call "sheep" or "sheeple".

Most of them also are of the "conspiracy minded" variety of people and tend to despise government usually manufacturing a series of messages against what they call "the criminal banking system" or "banksters".  They feel the United States Government in particular is rising up to get them and soon take them to F.E.M.A. camps due to recent legislation against the U.S. Consitution.  This has prompted them to what they describe as "getting the word out":

In the course of "getting the word out" these "truthers" always contrast themselves as being "the good" against "the evil".  The evil being the criminal government systems, specifically The Federal Reserve along with criminal bankers or "banksters", corporations and businesses, and other Federal agencies including the police and military and even churches. 

While they themselves promote liberty they are the servants of corruption however as they try to cause various forms of anarchy including "crash J.P. Morgan buy silver" campaign and various other "money bombs" to support Ron Paul or some other activist agenda all in the name of promoting liberty and democracy.  

They also have a very large fetish for two primary PRECIOUS METALS: GOLD and SILVER:  I have yet to find a reason for this but it seems they think they can crash the U.S. Government and banking system by hoarding precious metals.  Many of them actually sell precious metals and while they themselves tell the buyers to get rid of their "useless fiat currency" and buy gold and silver; they are on the receiving end of the fiat money.  Isn't that peculiar?  I thought so too.

Some of them (possible more than a few) seem to have been on the wrong side of the trade recently in precious metals as what I call "the battle between the banksters and truthers" has now culminated in a marked downward spiral in precious metals prices since May 2011.  They seem to be nervous as the prices of gold and silver now are in a rapid free-fall toward 2009 levels which is where their "pump and dump" campaign and attempt to "crash JPM and buy SILVER" had begun.  Here's one very small example of one of their earlier video messages that was used in the early stages of their movement:   

If you have any information regarding these individuals I urge you to maintain an awareness of them and "if you see something say something" by calling your local authorities or reporting them here to The News UNIT for observation and comments.  

The YOU TUBE channel "barnone11967" is of particular concern since this subject is located in the New York City Metropolitan Area and may be exhibiting some terrorist tendencies in some of his recent videos to what he called his "YOU-TUBIAN NATION". 

When I heard the name "YOU-TUBIAN NATION" it immediately reminded me of the American Indians who have various reservations such as "Chockaw Nation" or "Cherokee Nation", etc.  Alex Jones has a recent video series titled "The American Citizen is The New Indian" which shows that F.E.M.A. camps may be a concentration camp or reservation type model for certain select citizens of The United States Of America:


Some say "barnone11967" is having a hard time finding a job so he can buy 10 ounces of silver to crash J.P. Morgan.  Some also say that "barnone11967" has applied for a position as an "Internment Camp Specialist" with the U.S. Government.  I've heard of these CIA type "double agents" before so just be aware of this for your protection.

In closing I thank you for your continued support in "making the world safe for democracy" and also remember to prayerfully support The News UNIT and promote free speech and alternative media. 


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  1. This was one of the most hilarious things I've ever read- I literally had tears coming out of my eyes!


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