Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Block The News UNIT and anyone else who knows American History:

My concern for what is happening here in The United States Of America as the recent events of our government indicate the importance of a complete turnout on this 2012 presidential election before "We the people..." are forced into a Communist Fascist Dictatorship which is currently spreading like wildfire as the majority of our elected representatives draft careless legislation without regard to our U.S. Constitution has prompted me to leave the following message of concern which was shortly removed after posting on this popular internet website post: 

Therefore I shall post my comment here in plain view as I believe a closet socialist and fascist movement disguised as freedom loving and alleged liberty loving Americans is on a mission to destroy Ron Paul and ultimately create chaos and confusion and make merchandize of people by promoting precious metals and mining stocks:

My fellow Americans:

Please learn the difference between DEMOCRACY and a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. So many that claim to be concerned with our Liberty and the U.S. Constitution are ignorant of American History. Who am I? I am a fellow-citizen and soldier here in these very threatening circumstances that demand our immediate attention: http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2011/12/national-defense-authorization-act_9210.html
Please learn the true facts compared to the opinions and assertions made by those around us who sow discord and confusion.

Very Truly Yours,

David Casper


  1. Hey man, well, if you posted that comment on Sean's blog with the links and all that, I'm sure he got it scripted so it automaticaly blocks your comment from being published... that's the way he works. He's a pumper anyway. Btw have ya seen the johnf latest one on the 19th? the video where he suggests that producers stop selling silver because his numismatic collection value is going down the drain ? LOL pathetic.

    If they stop selling and adjusting prices of silver as it goes down and going from crazy premiums, that involves they control the mints, and that also involves they will become the manipulators they've been bugging us about. That would also mean more sale volume over the MACD, and people going out of the silver market. Creating a fake scarcity over silver wouldn't help anyhow the online precious metal businesses are already bloking their prices from going under 33$ as i've seen on Kitcrooks and ApeMex. I vote for cheaper prices and silver for everybody. LOL

  2. There is no shortage of silver as these pumpers keep mouthing off. They are doing this just to make money on their YOU TUBE channels. Have you seen their income? Take a look at this link:


    The scam is about over and many of these shysters will flame out soon together. Some of them are now shifting into BITCOINS and even telling everyone not to buy mining stocks.

    None of what they say makes sense along with the entire encyclopedia of their gurus like Bix Weir, Jim Willie, Eric Sprott, James Turk, John Embry, and others. I only agree with one thing:

    The entire market is rigged and no one knows where it's going unless they are on the inside.

  3. I agree, shortage ? nowhere near that since 2010 the mints and others have been producing gold and silver coins/rounds like there's no tomorrow. Just to give you an example, I have called Silver Gold bul Canada to ask them about a perticular coin, they guy told me it was numismatic because of it's low mintage, when i asked him what was the mintage of the coin he couldn't answer my question till i kinda forced him to let me know what it was. Like I told you before when you have 1 million coins struck, that's not numismatic to me, especially if these coins are getting back on the market ll at the same time. In between 5000 and 50 000 coins the mints can pretend the coin will get some numismatic value over time but otherwise it's nothing but propaganda to me.

    As for the Youtube revenue of these morons, i guess Alex Jones is on the top one with his scare fear mongering scams. There's some of it true, but most of it that'll turn you crazy if you get into that stuff blindfolded. Just look at Rawdog the way he was p'oed when he bought silver at 50$ and the market got cracked down. That's only one of many that been rolled over by these scam artist.

    Bix Weir hopes for a currency crash, Jim Willie not better, Eric Sprott the scam General in office, James Turk and John Embry = Sprotts bitches... SGT with his so called video "Leaked Calls". Come on! That has been staged from the begining. Morgan saying the first intellgible stuff in decade "the gold bull market is running to an end" for that he gets a point, but as for the other stuff... forget about it.

    Returning to Sprott for a second... Sprott can get his metals at Spot price. Where's that 1.5 billion ? That 1.5 billion will be around when silver reaches 15$/toz and gold 1375$/toz. These guys are constantly asking for help to boost up the demand they can't pay for, they're not your friend, all they think and care about is their situation, they couldn't careless about you people. The false prophets that what they should be called. To the eyes of our savior they will certainly burn in hell for having played with their brothers.

  4. Did you go look at what these YOU TUBE channels are making? See this link:

    Now I see the NIA is supporting Ron Paul. I'm wondering if a group of anarchists are trying to take our government down with their "crash JPM buy silver" campaign. They might be using Ron Paul also as a means to promote their own financial propaganda message.

    I don't like all the chaos and I'm not against government.

  5. Yes I've been looking what these are making for money. I'm not jalous in anyway, especially when I look how these guys are getting their bread and butter on the table. They'd sell their mom and kids for buck. I do have to agree that I find it mostly akward that the NIA is now trying to promote Ron. Btw they're not called anarchist anymore but libertarian. As a matter of facts, when you know who has been bailed out when the too big to fail where about to crash down the economy of the country, trying to crash JPM would be somehow unamerican to me, because guess who will have to bail these suckers out one more time ? the US citizens borrowing from the FED the FED borrowing from the IMF and the IMF borrowing from the global bank. Down the end it's all of the world that will have to endure and suffer because of that financial crisis. They know it all too well. I don't hate goverment either, when it's not corrupted, passing abusive laws, abusing with the powers that the people gave them by voting or working on a "secret agenda" that will ruin what's left of the world.


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