Thursday, December 29, 2011

The News UNIT Silver and Gold Outlook

SILVER:  Silver will retrace downward after the holidays are finished and test $22.  It has a shot at breaking $20 and I am looking forward to lower because I am very greedy.  I'm planning on buying SLV when SPOT SILVER hits $19.  And greed is a good thing--just remember that!

GOLD:  I really don't care much about GOLD because I don't have the money to buy enough of it.  Furthermore Ben Bernanke when asked by Ron Paul if GOLD was money answered "NO".  So I don't need anything like that in my collection.

I have been waiting now for over two years to be able to afford this stuff and try to recover some of my assets but it would do me best if the price would drop into the TEENS.  Wish me luck! 

I'm also considering buying PAPER instead of PHYSICAL because it's much easier to deal with and any problems in the financial industry should be cleared up soon.  Thank you.


  1. I have been a regular reader of this site for some time now. my question is why do you take such particular glee in your negative view of those who seek to preserve their savings in silver. If you are right then is it good to have such a cheap value on a strategic metal that would allow our global competitors to own all of it. Let it go to $5 dollars and give it all to the Chinese as you would have it. Take everything from those who simply want to save as they have from our homes, our jobs, our industry and our lives. Sometimes I think you are nothing more than a shill for the banks dressed in Christian clothing. You wish for our demise but time will tell. It is an American right to save for a rainy day in whatever way one can.

  2. I don't but after getting death threats over the summertime from some punks that didn't like an opinion I had about silver I see the same punks saying they are all happy it's going lower. I'm rubbing their noses in it now and I hope they are happy. They are all full of shit!

    No shill here at all. A shill are those that kept the false bidding going from $50 to $68, to $75, to $100, to $500, to $100 silver. Those are shills! Go look up SHILL BIDDING AT AUCTION. You'll also find SHILLS on EBAY running tubes of American Eagles up almost $100 more than they are worth and then you'll see the same item relisted. Those aren't real bidders they are SHILLS.

    The words SHILL and TROLL are too loosely used by those who are increasingly ignorant and just want to make trouble.

    Although I may not convince you of who I am you can create whatever you think I am in your own mind. I really don't give a shit! I know what I am and in whom I believe---Jesus Christ.