Thursday, December 29, 2011

EBAY Silver Shills


BEWARE of EBAY and those who are telling you that the PHYSICAL PRICE of silver is not "disconnecting" from the PAPER PRICE.  Those who are doing this so far on YOU TUBE and other sites are:
  • BrotherJohnF  (NIA)
  • barnone11967
  • SGTbull07  (NIA)
  • ScrapGoldBusiness
  • MrSilverGoldSilver
  • InflationUS   (NIA)
  • VisonVictory   (NIA)
  • VictoryIndependence  (NIA)
Anyone who is paying over $700 for a roll of AMERICAN EAGLES is a SHILL only and NOT A REAL BIDDER----THEY ARE DRIVING UP PRICES WITH PHONY BIDS!---BEWARE!