Thursday, October 23, 2014

Former CIA Chief more concerned about terrorism than ever before


The SILVER GURUS and their CONFERENCES are falling apart

Just listen to all the enthusiasm from David Morgan...

Would you invest in SILVER after listening to this?

David Morgan is reporting capitulation now as people are selling their entire physical holdings:


Are GOLD and SILVER mining stocks heading for bankruptcy?

Precious metals decline sparks bankruptcy for mining stocks

Or will they be bailed out by a government takeover?


Happy stackers find SILVER moving lower

They just keep on buying it

Or is the END GAME unfolding?

Some say we are watching the worldwide fiat implosion and END GAME economic scenario:

Apple and Google and MORE EVIL TO COME

If you cannot discern between GOOD and EVIL then you are in great danger and you do not have your senses exercised.

There is a new and greater darkness coming across the land.  It's almost as if it can be felt much like the darkness that God sent upon the Egyptians during the time of Moses.  Even so, come Lord Jesus...

But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
--HEBREWS 5.14


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shootout at Canada's Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada

Was this in the name of Allah the divine and merciful?

Islam is a peace loving religion

CNN reports this message was placed on TWITTER:

"Yes my message is clear.  Canada initiated attacks on the Islamic State, so Muslims in Canada, retaliate & KILL THEM WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM."
--Abu Kahlid Al-Kanadi


Is there any GOOD NEWS in the world today?

As far as this Brother Paul guy goes I think he needs to learn the word of God more perfectly as all of us do, but just listen to him read this LONG LIST OF NEWS that's going on across the world today:

Hagmann and Hagmann Report for October 21, 2014

Stan Deyo

study H.R. 4994


Murder your flesh

And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.


...and God made them PURPLE PENGUINS


Austin, Texas is getting weirder... 

Are they going to have CO-ED shower rooms too?

But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.
--MARK 10.6

I realize most people don't believe the quote from MARK 10.6 above because it is irrational to believe in God these days and especially if you believe that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself.  The revelation of the mystery of the gospel of Christ is to them that believe not very foolish but to us that believe it is the power of God.

Meanwhile the world is getting more wicked with this GENDER NEUTRAL idea of equality. Take a look:


Market Algorithms continue to strengthen U.S. MARKETS

The HFT's are painting a STRONG U.S. DOLLAR

COMPUTERS are running the markets

The US DOLLAR BULL MARKET continues.  We expect 100.00 to be reached here in 2015.
However the Federal Reserve does it with their Wall Street and world bank insiders as they rig the world markets is amazing.  The markets are charging onward and upward again and it looks like the rest of the world headlines are telling us that the economies of other countries is weakening.  Somehow I don't believe our dollar is strong here in the U.S.A. because I went to price trucks recently and the same one I bought 12 years ago new has now gone up in price more than 100%.  In order to buy a new and reliable pickup truck in 2002 you had to spend at least $30,000US.  Now you have to spend about $70,000.  But who needs that right?  You can drive a compact car or a hybrid for less right?  Think small:

Back to the market trends here:  It looks like the CRUDE OIL prices are starting to rise again on the charts.  Also the PETRO DOLLAR is going up with the BLACK GOLD and the MARKET INDEXES are climbing vigorously again.  And you thought low fuel prices would last?  Think again.  I think this time everything is going up.  It's going to be what I'll call WORLD WIDE MANIPU-FLATION brought to you by the computers that are now running the world markets.  


There simply are NO INVESTMENTS anymore, only GAMBLING BETS.  The best chance is to stay in the stock market and ride the algorithms into the future:


The News UNIT cannot access GOOGLE PLUS on any system

Is there some kind of outage?

The News UNIT cannot access GOOGLE + at all.  I don't know if there's some kind of an outage but there is no way to navigate there and I cannot even start a hangout via YOU TUBE.  So something is wrong.  Perhaps it is that I was flagged now for some kind of their party violation according to how Google continually threatens users who discuss the internet while on live hangouts.  

This means that The News UNIT will not be able to conduct or participate in any chat rooms until further advised.