Monday, June 24, 2019

What's wrong with WOMEN & MEN today? Is there a SIN PROBLEM?


Is there a war on men?

Women seem to think they don't need men today.  And everyone besides can choose the gender you want to be in the new LGBTQQIAAP CULTURE OF CHAOS.  Maybe we are getting more knowledge and everyone is getting smarter through our smart technology?  Who needs God anymore?  You can become your own god now through new religious enlightenment with people like Jeffrey Daugherty and E.A. Koetting and more.                                                                   

For me I believe God made them male and female and the marriage bed is undefiled.  That's an old fashioned obsolete mindset today but for a renewed mind in Christ Jesus I'll be the odd man out:

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Crypto-Psychic Samantha Jane and Moo Ant have all the answers

*****CRYPTO-PSYCHIC Samantha Jane*****

*****She called BTC above $10,000****

The FUNNY BUNNY LIST of Samantha Jane:

Ripple (XRP)
Chain Link (LINK)
Tezos (XTZ)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Stellar XLM
Cardano (ADA)

June will end on an up note and we will continue to do well says Crypto-Psychic Samantha Jane and also big moves in GOLD:

These are the CRYPTO RICH AND FAMOUS and will ultimately be worth hundreds of millions of US DOLLAR.  Isn't it interesting how they hate US DOLLARS but they still use the dollar amounts to measure their wealth?  LOL: 

Bitcoin Ben Drunk Again: BUY Bitcoin & Litecoin

*****Bit Con Man Ben*****

*****DRUNK AGAIN*****

Value your freedom


Jsnip4 joins the drunken frenzy in New Jersey. These guys are on their travelling road shows now all the time:

The professionalism in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency community is amazing.  Just makes you want to make an investment into this bag of holes:  

This is the CRYPTO REVOLUTION.  I didn't know it was a REVOLUTION.  I guess they are going to take on the bankers and the US DOLLAR again and again:



No more HODL

Lots of TRADERS now

The CRYPTOSPHERE has turned from HODLers into TRADERS now which is causing wild price swings to occur thus keeping long term investors away from this thinly traded market.  As soon as prices rise profits cause sharp reversals and the threat of massive sell offs in this type of environment usually signals large revers will likely result.  Along with that this market still hasn't demonstrated much in the way of utility or usefulness and the complexities of dealing with storage and handling of digital currency is also limiting a return of former investors:

Rosie O'Kelly attempts border crossing into Canada with success

Paul Joseph: TV and Radio Meteorologist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin's WTMJ and WKTI

*****The Best Meteorologist in the USA ever*****

Paul Joseph

Chief Meteorologist

WTMJ/WKTI Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This guy was simply the best and even if you didn't understand weather but paid attention to his reports daily along with his associate Jim Ott, you would learn very much about weather.  Today no one can really learn anything by watching television because most people are just news and weather puppets.  This guy had brains and used them.  Those days are long gone now as computers and models have take over the use of the human brain:

Actually Bill Carlsen was another good weatherman.  He knew his weather well too:

Thursday, June 20, 2019