Wednesday, July 23, 2014

People don't care anymore in America

Gerald Celente gives an accurate observation:

Nobody cares anymore...


Who will answer for the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17?

The West will answer for FLIGHT MH17?

William Kaye former Goldman Sachs executive reports...


Malaysian Flight MH17 and THE DEAD BODIES

What really happened with Flight MH17?


EXECUTIONS in America now human medical experiments

DRUG COMPANIES no longer provide LETHAL DRUGS for EXECUTIONS and now officials are conducting their own experiments...

Paul Begley LIVE on The New World Order

This guy is really covering a load of details and current events:

LINK to his other videos: 

No bottom in sight for GOLD and SILVER prices as stackers stack the metals

GOLD and SILVER heading for LOWER LOWS

GOLD and SILVER going lower now with ELLIOT WAVE ANALYSIS...

Big Stack Mcgee keeps stacking.  Now stacking KILOS of SILVER...


15,000 RUSSIAN TROOPS move on eastern Ukraine

*****WAR ALERT*****

U.S. OFFICIALS becoming increasingly concerned...

RT reports journalists taken captive in Donetsk, Ukraine

Bloomberg blasts the FAA on stopping flights to Israel

Bloomberg demonstrates solidarity with Israel

American airports should follow Israel's example

Clinton on AIDS and the dead of Malaysian Flight MH17

Common humanity matters more than God

Another Clinton NON-PROFIT

"We have to remind people that the people we lost on that airplane gave their entire lives to the proposition that our common humanity matters a hell of a lot more than our interesting difference."
--William Jefferson Clinton

Here is a man that is getting older (as we all are failing) and he's a man that cares not for God at all.  When you watch these people get older without the gospel of Christ and salvation you see just an empty husk that continues to serve the creature rather than the Creator.

The gospel of Christ doesn't even register with most of the world.  They've heard it enough now and rather I will now join God in laughing in the heavens as he has those who set themselves against him in derision daily.   For those of us who are in Christ Jesus we are indeed seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  While we wait for the redemption of this body we simply watch the entire world go to hell now as it is quite the habitation for devils and unclean spirits.  And indeed it is!

THE COMMENTS BELOW appear below this video on YOU TUBE:

Is that why you blew up the worlds top AIDS researchers in the Malaysian flight over Ukraine? Were they about to offer the cure which was free to the world? Let me guess, like cannabis which anyone could grow and use you simply couldn't afford to allow that to happen? Funny how this comes out immediately after the researchers were all killed. Wake up people! What happened to genuinely good people who like to spread the truth and cures for all without raping them for everything they've got? End times must be near, greed and evil are off the charts. Sodom and Gomorrah aka USA. We need a reset button to take us back to the times in which our constitutional rights and values actually stood for something. This is sickening.

Errrr... yeah, funny how the researchers on that plane were on their way to this very conference... Go back to smoking your pot dufus.

Possible Beyonce and Jay-Z break up

Will he get rid of da bitch?

We now live in a new culture where women are being transformed into a large group of bitches and hoes.  They even enjoy being referred to as such:



Meanwhile the usual ASS-CLOWN PUMPERS are crying DEATH TO THE U.S. DOLLAR...