Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rapper Talib Kweli speaks his mind on CNN

Black men are feeling the pressure in Ferguson, Missouri

Rapper says the cops said they would blow his FUCKIN' head off...

Wow!  Imagine that!

I'm a white guy and had police and sheriff deputies say they would blow my head off too so I know how it feels.  But I don't get national recognition for that assault.  So some of us know what it's like to get assaulted by law enforcement.  And I don't even sing about shooting and killing cops or niggas, bitches and hoes either:


America's Top Cop Eric Holder stands behind Ferguson, Missouri

Ferguson, Missouri turns FEDERAL

Federal agents and prosecutors now take charge

State and local governments are now falling away across America and the FEDs are now coming in to take over.  Soon we will have a nationwide government police force.  The U.S. Constitution is no long valid and it is simply subject to interpretations and may be superseded by executive action.  Get ready for America's complete transformation to a FEDERAL JURISDICTION:

ISIL or ISIS is now coming to America

Get ready for TERROR in the U.S.A.

The media calls them ISIS but Obama calls them ISIL.  Now we are hearing that they are Al-Qaeda.  So who's telling the truth?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

America's POLICE now SEEK and DESTROY

What happened to PROTECT AND SERVE?

Some of us white folk have been assaulted by police but we never get recognition.  Even some of us have been criminalized by our fellow neighbors and co-workers that have manufactured suspicions against us and who love to have a reason to fink on us over everything they can imagine.  It's an unusual transformation that's going on in America these days and I don't expect it to improve.

So what about this INFOWARS and related ALTERNATIVE MEDIA?  At least they have been instrumental in forcing the police to restrain themselves from assaulting the press and those of us who take video footage.  It's amazing how carrying a camera can lead to an unwanted and unprovoked police assault as if you're some kind of threat.


Feds take over Ferguson, Missouri as local government fails

Eric Holder visits Ferguson, Missouri


Russia mocks America as Wall Street shows who's in charge

You can't sink this ship

Even Russia and China (and all the BRICS) can't do it

Russia may mock America as the Obama Administration and related government generates more global and domestic chaos but it should be obvious to everyone around the world that America runs the equity markets and the world reserve currency.  So who has the power?  ANSWER:  The United States of America!

You can't sink this ship!

Obama makes statement about ISIL (or ISIS) and heads back to golf course

Obama makes declaration concerning God and ISIL (or ISIS)

"No just God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day..."
--President Barack Hussein Obama

What will Obama do after the beheading of James Foley?  That would probably be MORE SANCTIONS and of course a few rounds of golf...


ISIS head hunters with a message to America and Obama

In the name of Allah and Muhammad--peace be upon him... 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pope Francis I makes announcement aboard the Papal Plane

God will give him 2 to 3 more years

There's PAPAL BULL, the PAPAL PLANE, and then there's...


Pope Francis I

This man is gaining popularity worldwide

Papa Roma is the man of peace.  I'm wondering if he can bring peace to Ferguson, Missouri?


Wall Street blasts off as DJIA approaches 17,000 again

U.S. STOCK INDEXES aiming higher again

A mark of an improving economy

DJIA heading up rapidly toward 17,000



Watch the FIREWORKS in Ferguson, Missouri

SMOKE BOMBS and TEAR GAS episodes...

This is looking more like a scripted performance...

Someone got shot;  CNN uses GAS MASKS; bullet-proof vests...

Somehow these reporters don't look too worried to me.  And if you really watch many of these reports honestly I don't know how anyone can come to conclusions that there is anything other than a performance going on here.  If there really was a problem they wouldn't even be near this place:

Listen closely to the NIA narrator's voice

The NIA is stirring again

I believe they are behind the BITCOIN now

Listen to Sean Turnbull narrate this report on the National Inflation Association.  No matter what is said here I come to this conclusion:

This is a large economic movement run by options and futures traders that is well coordinated to move the economy in a new direction: