Monday, April 20, 2015

Walmart is beginning to close stores worldwide

Is Walmart showing the real state of our global economy?

Money and Metals with David Morgan

Walmart BOMB THREAT in Clinton, Missouri

****BOMB THREAT*****

BOMB THREAT COMES TO Walmart Supercenter

Clinton, Missouri (southeast of Kansas City, Missouri)

MAINSTREAM MEDIA is not covering this event as the entire store has been evacuated.  More information is available at these links:



Barack Hussein Obama is The Antichrist

A lesson on Santa Claus and Nakedness

Don't get NAKED?

FDA to target homeopathic treatments and remedies

ALTERNATIVE HEALTH and MEDICINE will be controlled now

Everyone will be required to comply with GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION



People are fleeing Libya and other countries to Europe

The growing global HUMANITARIAN CRISIS


Man is now attempting to create high tech humans

And we are on our way to having new relationships

Who needs people anymore when you can have a personal life-like robot?  Seems like the folks here like this and are looking forward to their new relationships.  You'll be able to have safe sex with one of these soon too:


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kent Hovind's Christian confederacy is rising up to help him in prison

Praise the Lord!

The men of God are rising up.  They include but are not limited to:
  • Rudy Davis (YOU TUBE "LoneStar1776")
  • Hagmann and Hagmann
  • "V The Guerilla Economist" :-)
  • Alex Jones and INFOWARS
  • Steve Quayle
  • Pastor James David Manning
  • Badfinger
  • G4T
You watch now as there will be a NEW MINISTRY rising up as a result of Kent Hovind being persecuted for Jesus in prison.  The result is a very profitable and lucrative ministry:


Christians prepare for a major battle already beginning

There's a 98% likelihood of Economic Armageddon beginning this week


All eyes on Wall Street beginning this week

 May 9th Greece likely to pull out of the Euro Zone

Pete Santilli learned from Gerald Celente and Bob Chapman about what is coming upon America and now he has a new warning about a 98% likelihood of FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON as already Friday the stock market imploded about 400 points.  Major pension funds are at risk now and anyone who does not take heed to this warning may experience great financial loss:

Is INFOWARS a scam news business?

What is the purpose of Alex Jones and the INFOWARS news team?

YouTube is falling apart and some say this could be the end of what was called alternative media: