Sunday, July 24, 2016

REPUBLICANS join hands in support of SODOMITES and PEDOPHILES


Still think GOD will bless America? :-)

How do we believers on the Lord Jesus Christ vote this year?  This is a very peculiar situation now in America and everything is about the U.S. DOLLAR:

Donald Trump will do everything for the LGBTQIA COMMUNITY.  By they way Donald Trump's Vice President is supposed to be anti-gay.  We'll see for how long this works out: 

Watch the co-founder of PayPal and Billionaire Peter Thiel speak at the RNC:

Here's an explanation on why these things are happening today in this present evil world and in the United States of America:



Pope Francis Speaks (Pastor Charles Lawson)

The state of America measured by the word of God

The Pope is a smooth operating Jesuit Priest 

The state of America and the world is lining up with the Scriptures in the HOLY BIBLE King James version. The whole world is drowning now into destruction and perdition yet many are prospering financially with more than heart could with including the fullness of bread.  America will not be made great again but we are watching the falling away first before the man of sin the son of perdition is revealed?  

And so do you think this pride rising in America will make us all great again?  The LGBTQIA PRIDE is rising and men are puffed up with great swelling words of vanity today.  So how do you suppose God will measure the greatness of the U.S.A.?  Will he measure it by the standards of Wall Street and the stock market indexes?

The best a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ can do is pray to live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  That is becoming increasingly difficult to do: 


For those of you who have falsely accused me hear this: 


The Trump Dynasty heads to the White House as America divides

*****The U.S.A. has a chance for a REAL PRESIDENT*****

Will Americans vote for an American or an enemy of America?

The Trump family is rising and America is dividing

This family has a vision for America

Washington D.C. and the media seem concerned

Is this nation on course for disaster?

Watch our next President Donald J. Trump give his RNC Acceptance Speech:

You have to admit this man looks, talks, and acts like an American we haven't seen in a while:

The course of this nation is now at a very serious crossroads and the decisions from here will have not only a lasting effect on the generations to come but it is likely a do or die situation for the state of America.  Regardless of your party affiliation the course of this nation over the last several decades has invited the enemies of America to have the mastery over We the People.  Donald Trump has made a straightforward assessment of the state of our nation and the troubling trends that if allowed to continue will lead this country into further destruction and perdition:


The Trump family names:

The actual state of America today is questionable based on decades of corruption and rigged politics, economics, and other matters.  This election Americans will be faced with a decision that will have a lasting effect and result in either this continual complacency toward the corruption or a vote for real change and restoration of the America we used to know: 

Questions on the Trump family remain

Is there an inside agenda?

Are the enemies of America afraid of the name Trump?

There are suggestions that the Trump family may not necessarily be DEMOCRATIC or REPUBLICAN but rather American.  Still the media is trying to discredit Donald Trump and his entire family:

Donald Trump, Jr. considering position of New York Mayor:

The message of Ivanka Trump at the RNC:

Judge Jeanine Pirro covers the current state of America and the path ahead for President Donald Trump:

REPUBLICANS now supporting Hillary Clinton.  This is very strange indeed:

Make no mistake about it as much of America has changed.  Some say Americans have embraced the doctrines of globalism and have been supporting the enemies of America both foreign and domestic for some time now.  What will become of this?  We will soon find out:

America's next Vice President Mike Pence is a Christian, a Conservative and a Republican--in that order:


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bo Polny | WARNING June to October 2016 Market Crash

Everyone is watching Bo Polny:

Is Bo Polny the new man of God?

Here's a man that is taking a biblical approach to Economic forecasts and he has been reported to have incredible accuracy.  We have to learn more about the Shemita and Jubilee and how this factors into the coming economic collapse.

Some say that God is preparing his people for the coming calamities that are leading up to an unavoidable economic collapse.  And this is coming very soon:

Even Robert Kiyosaki knows GOLD and SILVER are God's money:


Everybody wants to stay safe...

$50 MILLION spent in Cleveland, Ohio on the POLICE:

Money is no object in America for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the FEDERAL RESERVE.  The FEDERAL RESERVE is a private bank?  It all makes sense right?  Just keep your head down in your smart phone, play POKEMON GO, and if you see something say something and dial 911.  It's all going to get better across America real soon and especially if we get going full speed with the Clinton Global Initiative.  World peace and harmony is on the way:

Maybe we are on our way to getting that CIVILIAN NATIONAL SECURITY FORCE soon?

NRA Hates Tim Kaine For Passing Gun Control Laws


Will America keep putting them in office?

Tim Kaine looks he a big drinker?  Who is this guy?  Just another enemy of America?

Americans need to know who the enemies of America are.  Just notice how they violate their oath of office and continue their assault on We the People.  It's all very strange indeed:

How convenient!  Everything we need to know about Tim Kaine.  Oh he was a missionary.  That means everything:

Weekly Address: Protecting the Progress We’ve Made with Wall Street Reform


Now we know that the Obama administration has made a sweeping reform on Wall Street.  Some call it manipulation and even have gone so far as to indicate that Obama has reinvented economics allowing the Federal Reserve to do things that have never been done before.  Either way, Wall Street is now in a MEGA RALLY and the world will bow before the U.S. DOLLAR or it will suffer loss.  The U.S. DOLLAR is the power of the world and it may even be a god:

Analysts are stumped over this WALL STREET RALLY since President Obama took action to improve the economy.  It's all about reinventing economics:

A Very Old Police Story

Black Panthers and B.O. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

There can be no ECONOMIC COLLAPSE when we no longer have ECONOMICS

The ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ANALYSTS will soon fade away

It's time to face the reality of the GLOBAL MARKET CASINO and GLOBAL MARKET INTERVENTION and GLOBAL MARKET POLICY.  There is no longer economics--PERIOD!

Why do we still have these former Ron Paul advocates who thought they were going to either end the Federal Reserve or audit the Federal Reserve still talking about a DOLLAR COLLAPSE, a STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE, and they refuse to submit to today's REINVENTED ECONOMICS? 

If you are one that doesn't believe in THE CURRENT STATE OF MANIPULATION and that we no longer have ECONOMICS then listen here:




The Peaceful Religion of Islam continues to bless the world:

Let's hope Americans wise up and vote Donald Trump so that we have a country that will not tolerate the killer religion of Islam.  Other than that we have the other choice of those who join hands with the enemies of America and formulate radical extremist terrorists out of We the People while they protect those who want to destroy us: