Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Chelsi Bedell the Prophetess of Hell is under FIRE of JUDGMENT from other Christians

*****Chelsi Bedell*****

*****Gag me with GRACE*****

The OSAS GRACE FAMILY of Chelsi Bedell

(She's approved by Diamondustification, Gregg Jackson, Tim Henderson, Barry Scarbrough, Watchman 88, TrueSalvation, and others in the OSAS GRACE MOVEMENT)

Chelsi Bedell and her ministry are going to excel even greater now as a result and she will be so blessed she will receive her full reward...her sins are all covered under the blood of Jesus Christ...

Even during Chelsi's time with J CUFF PRODUCTIONS she was saved, sealed, and sanctified. She was saved since she was 10 years old. Hey, maybe she backslid a bit but she REPENTED OF HER SINS and came back to the Lord. Let he that is without sin among you cast a stone at her: