Saturday, April 27, 2019

Meet soph: A You Tuber who gets a pass to talk about whatever she wants at AGE 14



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Sophia Totterman

AGE 14

Sophia Totterman (born: September 23, 2004 [age 14]), better known online as Soph (formerly LtCorbis, LieutenantCorbis or just Corbis), is a young American YouTuber who is known for a mature style of humor that far exceeds her age.

This is an example of the next generation of high ranking citizens in the age of enlightenment of AGE OF AQUARIUS that is beginning with President Trump.  Psychic Samantha Jane revealed today that she was shown that President Trump is leading the new age of enlightenment and is part of this AGE OF AQUARIUS ENLIGHTENMENT.  I'm sure he is and so is the #MAGA JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF TRUMP that is rising across the world.  Are you a member?

Prophet Mark Taylor (a prophet of Satan) also preaches that Trump is moving heaven's agenda and everyone who is a Christian better get right and follow the #MAGA RELIGION together or suffer loss.  Well I'll suffer loss then with the real Jesus and you can take your fake Jesus and shove it along with your false gospel!

This YOU TUBE CHANNEL 'soph' is nothing but a bunch of brainwashing for younger children and other brain dead audiences addicted to gaming:

NOTICE THE TITLE:  "The Kabbalah Special"  

You'd have to have some level of discernment to understand that: