Friday, December 7, 2018

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti and his two friends of the Devil and Satan

******3 WEIRDOS*****

*****New Age Christian devils everywhere*****

*****Promoting UNITY IN DIVERSITY*****

Take a look at these 3 devil possessed people:

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti
He is a leading pro-Trump worshiper of President Donald Trump and the Trump #MAGA Church Movement.  He deceives people with the prophecy of Kim Clement who allegedly prophesied that Donald Trump would be called a trumpet and God would fill him with his Spirit and much more heresy and false teachings...

Jane Clement
The wife of alleged prophet Kim Clement who prophesied of President Donald Trump...

Trey Smith
I could care less who this guy is other than he is correct by revealing that he is weird and all these people are weird.  I find that amazingly weird but true. :-)

You don't have to agree but the fact is that we are watching the scriptures fulfilled as these deceivers promote their deceptions and all the while call this Christian and even are part of large ministries and churches that are creating more children of hell than ever before...