Thursday, September 6, 2018

HOLY BIBLE STUDY: Authorized (King James) Version: The Bitcoin Bible Ch...


  1. We will get back to II CHRONICLES 25.4 eventually:
    Found some cross references:

  2. Dave, what's something you really need (equipment, etc) to really help with your weather reports. I'd donate to the cause. I get enough info and entertainment, it would be worthwhile. I expect nothing in return

    1. I need to fix two laptops that I already have because the screens are broken and there may be some need to replace the mother boards (not sure). Otherwise I need a computer rack for the other truck and two new video cameras that work well and I can connect with the computers either directly or somehow with WI-FI to go live. I'm going to research what I need some more yet.

      Right now as you well know we are going to have to get ready for winter already: Cut wood, and all that...

      Your job slows in the winter right?

      I'm not ready to do any E-BEGGING. But that's what I need. I can still limp around in my old trucks for a year or two.

      Don't worry about it. I'll be talking about it eventually in greater detail. I do winter storms too of course not just tornado stuff.


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