Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Day of Christ is approaching as evil men and seducers wax worse and worse

*****Even so, come Lord Jesus*****

THE END draweth nigh

The man of sin the son of perdition


Artificial Intelligence

[CERN, DWAVE, KINDRED, Quantum Computing; A.I. or Artificial Intelligence; transhumanism; 666; beast; another Jesus; another spirit; another gospel; truthers and patriots;Sons of Liberty; Bitcoin and cryptocurrecy; blockchain; technology; lawlessness; man of sin ; son of perdition; God; Jesus; Holy Spirit; Sean Turnbull; SGT Report; Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg; digital dictatorship; centralized surveillance regime; Yuval Noah Harari; DARPA ; Google; Amazon; social media; AI agenda; the cloud; computers, God; Holy Spirit, Jesus, word of God; God's strong delusion; 5G; LED technology, cell towers, networks, Edge Embedded Processing; internet of things; internet of everything; CISCO; social media, application software, apps; binary system; quantum computers; divination, astrology; web bots; data sets; predictive programming; divining the future; data; data acquisition; nano particles; 666, mark of the beast, nano bots, 3rd strand of DNA, DNA, transformed, man of sin, son of perdition, beast, Anthony Patch; ]

Sean of the SGT REPORT wants this to stop.  He's scared.  He wants to fight against the word of God.  Are we supposed to stop the man of sin the son of perdition?

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