Friday, April 6, 2018

Amazing Jsnip4 Crypto Psychic Cult continues to grow with new psychic insights

The Jsnip4 Crypto Psychic Community Cult

Sarasota Florida Conference:

Saturday, April 7, 2018

(Undisclosed Location)

Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove gives insight into Satoshi Nakamoto...

We've gone from DECENTRALIZED to CENTRALIZED now...really?...

Satoshi Nakamoto is a group of mixed nationality Asians.  They are cool cats mostly young braniac coders...

Its amazing how people turn away from God and receive instead the peeping and muttering wizards of another Jesus (which is not another), another gospel (which is not another), and turn to these teaching with their itching ears.  They call themselves "truthers" but there is no truth in them:

So here is Jsnip4 the Crypto Curu and Crypto Psychic Cult leader leading his "peeps" along to buy and hold (or HODL) Litecoin and they're even having a conference this weekend in Sarasota, Florida.  Maybe The Maestro Way will have an opportunity to visit the place and see first hand himself this new religion of stargazers and prognosticators who claim to have a vision into the future.  

Whatever the case we are watching now as this HUGE CRYPTO PSYCHIC CULT begins to blend itself with shades of Christianity as this top Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove even mentions God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus in her various discourses.  I'm expected that many of these truther and patriots are part of a larger movement (a mixed multitude) and they are going to even REINVENT CHRISTIANITY together and also make America great again.  

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Jsnip4 hangs with his peeps in the Crypto-Cave as they prepare for tomorrow's Sarasota, Florida Crypto Conference somewhere.  Where do we sign up so we can get a reading?


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