Thursday, March 8, 2018

Prophetess Lyn Leahz interviews Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire on Reverend Billy Graham, President Donald Trump, prophecy, and the GARY INDIANA REVIVAL on March 20th


But there's GOOD NEWS!


Come to see God!

Prophetess Lyn Leahz is leading the charge!

Where will this happen?

It will be in a church somewhere:

May 20, 2018 (Pentecost weekend)

(Gary, Indiana)

President Donald Trump is the LAST PRESIDENT...

There's no hope now that Reverend Bill Graham is dead...

Prophetess Lyn Leahz
Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire:  Authors of "TRUMPOCALYPSE"

A great spiritual warfare is going on in our nation and President Trump understands what the HOLY BIBLE says about "nationalism."

Lyn Leahz shares her dream and a word from the Lord:

Why would the Lord want this to take place in Gary, Indiana?

God's Holy Spirit is going to show up there and there will be a great revival beginning for the USA...Amen!....

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