Thursday, March 8, 2018

Donald Trump & The Great Coming End Times Revival


Does Trump have the mantle of Billy Graham?


Is this the spirit of God?


Or Casper the Friendly Ghost?

The Spirit of God is about to move


Gary, Indiana

May 20th 2018


REPENTANCE, RESTORATION, and REVIVAL is coming to the USA beginning this year on May 20th in Gary, Indiana.  Praise the Lord!

Prophetess Lyn Leahz talks with two men who are the authors of the book "TRUMPOCALYPSE."  The book is known as the NUMBER ONE SELLING PROPHECY BOOK IN THE USA.  Authors Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson talk with Lyn Leahz about their book and how people who read it are so "on fire" and the sales of this book are phenomenal.  

A copy of TRUMPOCALYPSE has been given to President Donald Trump through an insider at the White House. Also Ben Carson and Vice President Mike Pence and his wife are reading this book.  Many people in the military and various other people are reading this book all over the place.   

After the book was published there were many events that occurred that are mentioned in the book.  Is this book TRUMPOCALYPSE considered ANOTHER TESTAMENT OF PROPHECY?  Could it be a MODERN DAY INSPIRED PROPHETIC SUPPLEMENT TO THE HOLY BIBLE SCRIPTURES?  

The authors report that America is right on the brink of some major catastrophic events unless God's people repent.  It is being suggested that President Donald Trump has been chosen for these last days and some reference to Reverend Bill Graham (as the prophet of our age) was also given here in regards to America's current conditions.

Also Prophetess Lyn Leahz shares her own experience of a dream with God and her soon coming revival convocation to take place in Gary, Indiana on May 20th or "Pentecost." Things are about to happen and the book reveals so many things that are apparently happening even now in our current events.  

There's one problem however:  THIS ENTIRE INTERVIEW DOESN'T MENTION ANY SCRIPTURE AT ALL.  At least I don't remember hearing any.  Can you find one word of scripture given here at all?  Maybe that just doesn't matter anymore?

The more important things are talking about globalism, the deep state, and all manner of corruption with the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies and various political organizations, secret societies, etc.  It seems that the authors here believe that President Donald Trump has been chosen by God to do something here in the USA for the last days.  

The reason President Donald Trump is under attack by the mainstream media, Hollywood, the DNC, CIA, FBI, and other evil men among other things is explained by the authors of this book and by a recent statement given by Franklin Graham.  LISTEN TO MORE OF THIS INTERVIEW BY CLICKING THE FOLLOWING LINK:

God says in GENESIS 11 he against globalism, he is for the independent nation state, and he's for nationalism and he's for patriotism.  The average Christian doesn't even know what the bible says...but Donald Trump understands what the bible says...

God has raised up Donald Trump to deliver his people in America.  A big revival is coming and a tremendous movement to save souls is about to begin.  Maybe even revival will be poured out upon America and may even change America:

I found two mentions of scripture actually but it wasn't quoted properly as listed here below.  Perhaps it was a PRIVATE INTERPRETATION?

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
-JOHN 8.32

And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.
-LUKE 19.13

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
-I PETER 4.17

The LIFELONG MESSAGE OF Billy Graham remembered:

There's also some prophetic significance that Reverand Billy Graham went to heaven recently and the coming revival will be starting in Gary, Indiana now through the revelation of the Prophetess Lyn Leahz:

Prayer was also made over Lyu Leahz for her ministry:

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  1. Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    The day God is so desperate that he needs a wife flipping whore chaser to be his prophet, Donald Trump, God is in deep trouble.

    1. Well they always use the examples of David and other leaders of Israel that were even worse saying that God can use them. Perhaps Trump is a "man after God's own heart" even if he kills someone like King David and has thousands of women like King Solomon. They will always argue this and say that "wisdom is justified of her children." They will also say that if Trump is "in Christ" (perhaps Mike Pence led him in "THE SINNER'S PRAYER" an he got saved?) that his sins are forgiven now and he's a new creature. I guess that's scriptural but many FUNDAMENTAL INDEPENDENT BAPTIST BRIDER KJV ONLY BIBLE BELIEVERS will always point out your past sins. You can never walk in newness of life and have them not remind you of your past. Something to consider.

      So if Trump got saved and he's "in Christ" now he just might be a baby Christian and he needs to grow now. Maybe Franklin Graham is teaching him the word of God more perfectly now along with other lawmakers in Washington D.C. Remember where two or more are gathered there in the White House there am I (Jesus) in the midst of them.

      So we will just have to wait and see if God is in it. He just might surprise us and REVISE PROPHECY. Trump might intercede for God and then we all enter into the Kingdom of God here on earth together and live happily ever after. Amen?

  2. Furthermore, The Holy Ghost will not come running like a cur dog for the Williams Brothers and their Hammond B-3 boogie machine. If, and when, the Holy Ghost comes down, it will be to some little church in Appalachia with twenty three people in it on their knees in repentance.

    1. The problem with the little church in Appalachia is they may still swing some snakes around in their assembly and not have their doctrine quite right 100%. We have so many HOLY BIBLES now that I don't know what or how to study anymore. I'm considered a radical right wing fundamental separatist extremist who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ (God manifest in the flesh) and trust in him for my salvation. I also believe the HOLY BIBLE A(KJ)V is God's word "the scriptures" and that makes me a very judgmental bigoted person with no love. I also own guns and just joined the NRA which makes me even more of a potential domestic terrorist joining the terrorist organization of the National Rifle Association. What a mess I am!

      Maybe I should just go out and chase whores like Solomon and have a few wives like David and even if I kill and get away with it I'd be like David called "a man after God's own heart."

      Or maybe I should "claim kin to Peter" as many Baptists jump around on the stage (called the altar) do and run around the pews?

      Or maybe I should construct a bust of Peter Ruckman and contemplate it like Aristotle contemplating the bust of Homer?

      Or maybe I should write a book to add to all the rest of the books of which there is no end?

      I have various choices. At least whatever I do I'm in Christ now and I'm safe. But I'm always reminded of THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST ahead. I got to get over that JUDGEMENT SEAT yet as they say in the Baptist meetings. That JUDGEMENT SEAT is where the rest of the Baptists and bible-believers look at me and get to say, "See we told you you were wrong about this and that!"

      What a mess! Is there any hope anymore?


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