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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Crypto-Clowns and Con-Artists Continue Pumping & Dumping Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more


They are some CREEPY CLOWNS too...

From Jsnip4 to Bitcoin Ben; from Bix Weir to Clif High; and all the rest of them.  This entire CRYPTOSPHERE continues to CAPITULATE and they just keep on PUMPING their nonsense.

These clowns have absolutely no truth in their news and now the overall market cap is beginning to breakdown below $300 BILLION soon...

The Crypto-Psychic and Web Bot Gurus Jsnip4, Clif High, and Bix Weir are establishing a NEW RELIGION too.  Just watch as this new movement of psychic mediums (and their inaccurate prognostications) are gaining an interest in this market.  People love these wizards that peep and mutter no matter what their substance is...


Jsnip4 challenges anyone against Clif High's Web Bot.  He also exalts his Crypto-Psychic mom, Michelle Whitedove, and other psychic mediums and remote viewers too.  It's now turning to a new spiritual crypto movement...

What does this mean?

Some say these people are being groomed to worship and exalt the man of sin the son of perdition.  What's odd is that Michelle Whitedove and even Jsnip4's mom are given to prayer and meditation.  Even God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are mentioned by these spiritual mediums as if they are Christian psychics and astrologers. 

If you watch closely you can see Jsnip4's mind is being altered to complete compliance to believe Clif High's Web Bot along with all the psychic readings and remote viewers and their visions and dreams.  They are openly worshiping the god of this world:

...and now Jsnip4 is blaming J.P. Morgan for shorting the CRYPTO CURRENCIES...we knew this was next as the same truthers and patriots did this same trick with GOLD & SILVER....


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