Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bitcoin Ben Announces the CRYPTO REVOLUTION


It's GOLD & SILVER 2.0


The TRUTHERS & PATRIOTS have their PUMPERS & DUMPERS now out in full force across YOU TUBE pumping and dumping BITCOIN & LITECOIN just like they did with GOLD & SILVER back in 2010 through 2015.

Now they are going to take down THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK again along with the GLOBAL BANKSTERS and they will do it all on YOU TUBE by dumping their remaining crypto currency positions into the hands of the buyers who believe their bullshit.

So history repeats itself.  This time as the CRYPTOS finally crash I wonder if they will go back to GOLD & SILVER again. Time will tell what these con-artists try to do next:

The important thing is they build their You Tube channel subscriptions so that they can get paid interviews by more shady business ventures and just make money.  It's all about those worthless U.S. DOLLARS!

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