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Sunday, February 18, 2018

DO SOMETHING! Americans want the next generation to take over--DISARMED!

*****The USA is going nuts!*****


*****WE THE PEOPLE are about to be disarmed*****

*****DO SOMETHING!*****

Do something about SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!

We need the government to take care of us--NOW!

Maybe everyone needs to be on MEDICATION?

(Or maybe they mostly are?)

According to Faith Salie (some CBS Contributor) we have to call on our government to DO SOMETHING:

Why not have armed students and teachers?  And maybe send all these kids for a MANDATORY 2 YEAR MILITARY ENLISTMENT at AGE 18.  At least there they could go shoot some guns and learn how to control their own gun.  But could you trust them? 

Are the founding fathers rolling over in their graves now?  Really?  Maybe they would curl their hair over this?

Were the Founding Fathers oath of office violators of the U.S. CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS?  

Shame on us if we don't destroy ourselves...let's get the government to help us DO IT NOW!

Congress is DYSFUNCTIONAL...

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