Saturday, January 27, 2018

THREE AMIGOS or MEN WITH HATS? Jsnip4 and his pals go beyond the CRYPTOSPHERE:


It's just getting more weird folks!

(Paid for by CRYPTOS?)

Now we are looking to OUTER SPACE for answers:

Beyond the Anunnaki and into the ORBS with Clif High:

This is just like the U.S. GOVERNMENT as they embrace the final frontier of SPACE to seek unto all their FAMILIAR SPIRITS and DOCTRINES OF DEVILS.  

BOTTOM LINE:  These subjects are all suspect government operatives now with their PSYOP and COINTELPRO going on across You Tube and this recent alleged CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKET I call the CRYPTOSPHERE which is now turning into a real mess of complex chaos and even more confusion.

I suspect that this is a major ROLE PLAYING OPERATION done by the WORLD GOVERNMENTS working together for their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.  All the while we have these false "truther" and "patriots" promoting this nonsense and yes I am a SUSPICIOUS OBSERVER that suspects that these men are part of a larger operation:

Watch Clif High, Jsnip4, and Bix Weir as they gather together for another session of their HALF PAST HUMAN CONNECTIONS and look to the UNIVERSE and CLIF HIGH'S WEB BOT for answers to what lies ahead.  The affection for psychic abilities, familiar spirits, and doctrines of devils is amazing and it is well received by many who are on the broad road to destruction:

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