Wednesday, January 10, 2018

SGM or "Silver Gold Man" is Investigating "Jsnip4" and "The Trader Boss"

*****More weird YOU TUBE drama*****


Silver Gold Man (a.k.a. "Connecting Dots1,2,3...etc.)

SGM allegedly exposes "Jsnip" and "Trader Boss" over and over...

Silver Gold Man needs to be investigated too:

SGM is a criminal doper in Vancouver, B.C. Canada:

If anyone has a LINK to who this Silver Gold Man is can you leave it here too?

NOTE:  Silver Gold Man continues to take various videos down after he allegedly is the big "do gooder" and exposing frauds...

SGM is trying to find out more about this "Trader Boss" too or whatever his name is.  He goes by several aliases such as J.W. Sterling, Jay Robb, and Jason Deal.  

Eventually the shit will float to the top with these guys and their ponzi schemes:


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