Thursday, September 14, 2017

NO LIMIT COIN is COLLAPSING over The News UNIT Controversy

NLC2 NO LIMIT COIN attacks The News UNIT

Snowflakes in the Slack Room

Why such hatred?

(I have been permanently and emotionally scarred by this NLC2 gang assault.)

The No Limit Coin Cult and their gang activity has moved them to flag The News UNIT You Tube channel and accuse me of bullying and inappropriate content.  The CEO visited me live recently and told me to change my video title and his team attacked me on SLACK for simply saying that Bitcoin was crashing the other day when it actually started to crash over additional bad news from China.  

So The News UNIT cannot exercise free speech even in the context of  Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976 concerning fair use or any such allowances.  We are under the NEW RULES now of THE NEW WORLD ORDER and SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT.  

Very sad day for the USA and you can expect more of this.  And many more crypto chart analysts are telling me that NLC2 is indeed a pump and dump and possibly worse.  And they wanted me to do tailgate parties at Miller Park, Lambeau Field and Camp Randal Stadium in Wisconsin?  Are you kidding me!  

Their CIO Rafael Groswirt seems to be a decent guy but this kind of treatment by your NLC2 team has left me permanently and emotionally scarred now.  This is very  jarring and scary and one of those things that I won't be able to shake:

The only thing No Limit Coin wanted from The News UNIT was positive biased interviews and they wanted me to promote their coin across Wisconsin at various sports pubs and eateries and do tailgate parties.  I already set up advertising contacts with them at WTMJ radio and TV.  

This is now a very sad ending of our former relationship as a result of some snowflakes in the Slack Room that cannot handle any questions or any concerns about their coin project:

Here is an example of a COMMENT that I receive on YOU TUBE by a concerned observer:

NLC2 Red Flags: 1. Season Starts Aug/Sept -> No Bulls 2. White Paper 5 Sept -> Low to Zero Enthusiasm 2. Bull Trendline Breakthrough into Bear Market 3. Extreme Red Volume Whale 4. Classic Pump & Dump Chart Signature 5. Poor Website / Service -> Redirected to Yahoo Sports for "research" 6. Clearly Bearish Trend since BTC All Time High (though could also mean NLC2 market simply follows BTC) 7. Unconfirmed Reports about Trojans in Wallet (might be slander, though, because I couldn't find any)


  1. you get yourself into trouble again with some new friends?

    1. Is there any such thing as friends anymore?

    2. David Casper (The News Unit )asks for a job and when he is rejected keeps up the trolling. Anyone that watches him needs to know this.

  2. Pump and Dump is the way she goes with many of the small cap cryptos. Look at Monaco for example: 0.9c to $26 in LESS THAN 1 MONTH. Then there was some controversy with it and now its bottoming out at $7.35, it could go much lower while bitcoin is falling and unfortunately there were people who invested $10K+ around $20-$25 who bought into the news hype event days before the dump. As they say: "buy the rumor, sell the news".

    I think the safest bet is probably to stick with the proven coins 2+ years old in the top 10. I also don't believe Bitcoin is going to be 'the one', something better and faster will likely replace it one day.

    Play the small caps for sure, but it looks like its better to take profit eventually - even the bigger ones like NEO, TENX, they too have massive corrections because they are new - Just as bitcoin was highly volatile in its earliest days crashing from $31 to $2.

    It pays to know your history and to research into how the crypto market works by reading articles (avoid most popular youtube channels). Here is a link to the history of bitcoin crashes up-to April 2013 - The crash not covered in this article happened at the end of year 2013 and was the big $1242 China Bubble followed by a 2 year bear market which is when I first got involved in bitcoin, I was mining doge coin and I sold my holdings in this years bull run(:

    Full price history from wikipedia:

    Hope all is well, god bless

    1. * correction: Monaco 90c to $26 in less than 1 month

  3. I hear the NO LIMIT CULT CEO was talking it over with his TEAM about making a police report on my for some kind of CRIMINAL COMPLAINT? What's the charge? Telling you that your NLC2 is crashing about Bitcoin is crashing too? I guess I must be a CRIMINAL FUDSTER? HA HA HA. LOL. You need to hire some creepy clowns next for your business model. This company is throwing every investors money away now as NLC2 drops below 15¢ and lower. Sad.

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  5. David Casper (The News Unit )asks for a job and when he is rejected keeps up the trolling. Anyone that watches him needs to know this.