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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

For those of you who like Bernie Sanders and will VOTE HILLARY CLINTON...

...this is for you:

You are a COMPLETE IDIOT for even considering Bernie Sanders and anything Clinton related in this next election.  Your mind is either warped by television or it is puffed up by your flesh. I realize we might even be being deceived in many respects even by some Trump supporters but it is not "the lesser of two evils" that you vote for here.  You are voting for the resurrection and preservation of the U.S. CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS.  And if that doesn't matter to you because this nation was founded on rebellion then move back to Africa or just go right to Israel and wait for the rapture. 

There will be those of you who come out and make commentary after this election and tell everyone why we got what we deserved while you yourselves don't lift a finger to mark a ballot or press a button to vote on election day.  Sure the system is rigged but shouldn't we do something?  Do you pay your taxes?  Do some of your taxes fund the LGBTQIA perverts? Then maybe you're not born again either.  Your perfection compared to the rest of us is outstanding! I shall never attain unto it but I shall trust Christ Jesus who is my righteousness anything else is a total joke:   

...AND REMEMBER if you don't vote then you didn't do your part but rather you handed votes over to Clinton.  Don't complain about what happens after this election if you don't lift a finger to make a difference.

...AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WRITE IN A CANDIDATE OR VOTE FOR JILL STEIN or some other nonsense you really are worse than a dolt and sottish and your mind is warped from the inside out and you can probably tell by the shape of your head.  And yes I think Megyn Kelly looks like an alien retard:    

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