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Monday, November 7, 2016

Alex Jones: Would you please SHUT YOUR MOUTH MORE OFTEN?


Alex Jones is worse than ever and even getting worse


ALWAYS INTERRUPTING and  then over emphasizing news items to the point where you cannot even grasp the content of the message.  The man may be about to have an ENORMOUS NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.

There's quite a bit of talent on INFOWARS at times but when Alex Jones has to take over everything you might as well just dismiss guests and send everyone home so you can JUST LET HIM TALK ALL DAY LONG.  No need for anyone else to participate folks and if I was one of these guests and perhaps even an employee of his I would start my own news media or go work somewhere else.

INFOWARS is becoming TOO EXTREME AND TOO INTENSE and listening to Alex Jones and his COMPULSIVE TALKING and CONTINUAL INTERRUPTIONS and EXCESSIVE AND IRRATIONAL AGGRESSIVENESS has turned counter productive to disseminating news and information.

He might consider himself on OVERDRIVE or TURBO BOOST or however you want to explain it but I predict he will soon self-destruct and his newscasters will even get sick of this and eventually leave or join up with The News UNIT for a bit more sanity and clearer presentations for the listeners: 

What ever happened to sensible news reporting and rational behavior?  It has been exchanged for hyper-entertainment and extremely vigorous personality disorders to amplify the craziness of an already crazed and frenzied world system that feeds on this excessive compulsive entertainment.  



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