Sunday, August 28, 2016

Have no fear; David Morgan the SILVER GURU is here


Does anyone know what to do?

The END GAME is here and the FEDERAL RESERVE doesn't know what to do.  David Morgan reports that Dr. Michael V. Berry who is Director of Policy Studies at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago said that the FED doesn't know what to do anymore:

"The fiat system is beyond repair at this point."
--David Morgan, The Silver Guru

"...There is a day of reckoning and I think it's coming soon than later...I'm pretty close to Dr. Michael Berry and have been for years and he and I have a good heart to heart now and then and he speaks at the FED meetings occasionally....and he basically has told me face to face that they don't know what they're doing..."
---David Morgan, The Silver Guru 

In this report Economist David Morgan who recently started a new streaming royalty company is a promoter of sound money and goes into great detail on some of the latest economic concerns and some chilling news from a Chicago Federal Reserve official:

This is scary folks. We are at a position now where The Federal Reserve doesn't know what to do but they keep Janet Yellen speaking the so-called "FED SPEAK" to the nation and making her usual repetitive great swelling words of vanity about the FED DUAL MANDATE and all the other nonsense attached with it.   So it's probably best to get in on the MORGAN REPORT and get on the FREE LIST at least and learn more:

So Michael Berry of the Chicago FED says they don't know what they're doing.  This is extremely troubling and NOT GOOD TO HEAR:

Much of this video is above my understand but if anyone can figure it out please leave a COMMENT BELOW:



  1. did you pay up for the Bo Polny guarantee? $200 bucks and he'll tell you within one trading day the "last day down at the lows before a powerful Bull Market begins." i was hoping the news unit would investigate for us and spill the beans so we can once and for all see if this guy knows what he's talking about. i remember him saying last fall to buy some calls on the miners. i laughed at the time but I'm sure some folks made some big money.

  2. here's another one. Eric Hadik the insider says buy the dip.

  3. i am curious to see how tacos will handle respond - the FED dos not know what its doing - oh dios mios


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