Sunday, July 31, 2016

Corruption in America continues surrounding the 2016 ELECTION

 The EVIL ELECTION of 2016 

Fake crowds for Hillary Clinton revealed

This rigged election is being revealed but even though the truth is being revealed most of America really doesn't care.  Our enemies of America are having their way with America and are doing all manner of mischief against the U.S. CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, and will have their way if allowed to continue with their evil work:

We are finally realizing how everything is rigged and has been for years already and we have no choice but to watch America go down into destruction and perdition.  Even the Donald Trump movement will be unable to make America great again:

Barnone11970 is tired of the bullshit in America

Chris a.k.a. "barnone11970" is speaking out:

...but he blocks The News UNIT from making COMMENTS:

Here's Barnone11970 also known as Chris.  He's all upset about the state of America but if you study him closer he has his own problems and now he claims to be waking up to corruption and wants it exposed.  This is a good example of a liberal that is realizing too late that there are real problems in America that are actually going to affect him.  It's really too late for him to get the truth out and he will watch America go down now into destruction and perdition:

So he doesn't like Alex Jones but he likes that Alex Jones wakes people up.  He says to listen to everyone and follow no one.  He also says neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will save the world.  But Barnone11970 is uniting the people one person at a time.  It all makes perfect sense right? :-)  

"Stay away from the mainstream media...everybody post what a bunch of liars they are...if we don't stand up nothing is going to change...stop being scared, stop making excuses, and start speaking out or we are going to get exactly what we deserve..."
--Chris a.k.a. "barnone11970" 

Here's Judge Jeanine exposing the state of the world.  You can trust her and FOX NEWS:


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