Friday, April 29, 2016

ZERO HEDGE and Tyler Durden

Just what is ZERO HEDGE?

And what is FIGHT CLUB?

HOLLYWOOD is large folks and the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA is no better than MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  I thought they were but when I started The News UNIT Blogspot I noticed immediately there were major problems and continue to be loads of misinformation being disseminated.  

I wonder what kind of ties Jim Comiskey had with ZERO HEDGE in this FIGHT CLUB?  It goes deeper than this.  This is another story that is full of sensationalism in and of itself just to breed more confusion:



  1. been reading zero hedge for years ... good reading and a great place to learn (one article at a time)

  2. ZH servers are located in Switzerland.
    ZH has been around since the 2008-9 banker heist.
    ZH hires freelance writers all named Tyler Durden who rant against Western banking powers.
    ZH information is 60% spin and propaganda.
    ZH adds fill the page.
    ZH...worthless commie rag.


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