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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Donald Trump LIVE in Wisconsin

*****Donald Trump LIVE*****

PREPARE for the next U.S. PRESIDENT:

President Donald J. Trump

You enemies of America can squirm now....:-)...


Wisconsin wake up and vote for America!

"There's a lot of hate in Wisconsin and I think that's bad..."
--Donald Trump

He's right on:  Wisconsin has a lot of HATRED:

There are many of you that know me personally that read my site here and you're from Wisconsin.  You know how I feel about many of you and how sad and pathetic you really are with hatred toward your fellow Americans.  Wisconsin has a lot of hatred and it causes the people here to destroy one another.  This state is a sad state in may ways.  We're going to find out now if there are any common decent Americans left here in Wisconsin and this vote will show the state of this state.  I unfortunately am losing interest in even living here anymore and should this vote turn out a victory for the enemies of America I shall move elsewhere.  And then I look around and wonder where I should go since the entire nation is becoming just like Wisconsin:

The Enemies of America are always nearby with Trump

THE COURT OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA wants to have a continuous session about this batter charge against Corey Lewandowski.  I hope Corey takes this all the way through the courts and destroys that reporter who is claiming assault and injuries. 

1 comment:

  1. The cause of Wisconsin's hatred is simple; it's 88% White! Watching America degrade as it encroaches on your border does not make for a happy, optimistic lot. You don't want to be there when it's finally overrun, Dave. You need to get behind enemy lines, in front is a dark, ugly, vicious place to be.


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