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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Putin joins forces with France and the U.S.A. to fight ISIS, ISIL, or Daish


UPDATE:   More allies joining "The big 3" forces for the GRAND COALITION:

U.K. and Germany join forces:


The BIG THREE Musketeers

The GRAND COALITION unites forces

The world is joining together to fight our main enemy:

ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, or The Islamic State

We are ONE WORLD UNITED now in our GRAND COALITION to fight against the TERROR of this ISIS or Islamic State.  Maybe Jesse Ventura was right when he said on RT we need to come together with John Lennon and give peace a chance: 

They must have watched Jesse Ventura:

"..Can't the world listen to John Lennon for just one decade and give peace a chance...?"
--Jesse Ventura

Now how do our WORLD'S FINEST deal with Turkey?

Review the Turkey Shoot...

ISIS is everywhere...


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