Saturday, November 28, 2015

Police officer who died in Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting is a hero?


Police Officer Garrett Swasey, age 44

Another DEAD HERO Police Officer 

Leaves his family behind now:

Good Christians will protect Planned Parenthood Facilities

He was a good Christian man...

"Here is a man who stands on principle, loves Christ, and obviously you know he might not be in alignment with 'ahem' (clears throat) the abortion industry but he would be willing to go in and lay down his life for those people."
--Scott Dantenville, Co-Pastor


Who's calling who a RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST? 

Right now we have some confusing things going on with this story about the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The RADICAL LEFT-WING PRO-DEATH EXTREMISTS are concerned about their safety at these REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE FACILITIES called Planned Parenthood as if they are planning to become parents by means of reproduction along with care for their life and health and that of their family.  

Somehow we are all of the sudden hearing about FBI CONCERNS and DOMESTIC TERRORISM discussions describing RADICAL RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS which our nation's law enforcement officials seem to believe are more dangerous than that of ISIS TERRORISTS or RADICAL ISLAM.  It's a curious time in America and the nomenclature and various terms and definitions of all these various things are full of confusion, chaos, and every evil work:

Is this story full of confusion?

So did this guy lay down his life for killers?  Perhaps it is such for us to do as Christ did and even hand in our guns soon at the request of God's minister Obama?  Time will tell.  Ask your pastor about ROMANS CHAPTER 13 for more enlightenment:  



  1. And he was a figure skater, so a closeted fag with a family living in Christ. Good times, eh? :)

  2. now all we need to learn is that the shooter was a infowarrior to complete the picture...


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