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Saturday, October 31, 2015

White Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism has to be burnt to the fuckin' ground says King Noble

King Noble calls people niggers and crackers using plain language

Looks like WHITE CHURCHES are going to burn

This is the same guy that declared OPEN SEASON ON COPS and CRACKERS

So a girl loses her job because she Tweeted "nigger" while in a cotton field with her friend and the media goes mad about racism and being offended.  While all the while this guy runs his mouth about whites or "crackers."  Same goes for Louis Farrakhan who is under a different set of rules:


You bunch of passive hoe-ass niggers just went to D.C. and King Noble is not impressed with you:

Careful what you say you BITCH-ASS CRACKER...OOPS!

Blacks people are training to defend themselves by any and every means necessary.  You remember that cracker!


  1. I love Noble! Stickin' it to them crackerz!!!

  2. does he not look exactly like this monkey selfie?


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