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Monday, September 28, 2015

The New World Order Religion is here

The New World Global Community Church

We will all be members of the New World Community Church

A GLOBAL DECREE is soon coming

If you're not in this church you will be branded as a dissenter and subject to disciplinary action.  The leader of this New World Global Community Church is Pope Francis I along with the rest of his chosen bishops and deacons and deaconesses throughout the high places of government.  Does anyone remember the phrase "HIGH PLACES?"  Go learn what that means and then come back here to The News UNIT to learn more about this hope and change for the new world:

When the people are one there is nothing that can be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.  Even Obama clearly stated, "...there's no problem that man has caused that man cannot solve if we are bold enough to deploy our imagination, have the political will, and recognize our common humanity.  That's what the United Nations is about..."

So here we are. You don't think this is a RELIGION?  Take a closer look:


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