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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Holy Bible says you're better off single than married

Brother James from the Bible Baptist Church preaches on marriage

Or should I say attempts to teach on marriage? 

Is he forbidding to marry?

Does the scripture teach forbidding to marry?

This is really strange anytime we enter into the teaching on MARRIAGE:

Here we have a FUNDAMENTALIST INDEPENDENT KING JAMES ONLY BIBLE BELIEVING BELIEVER ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST teaching that the Holy Bible KJV says it's better to remain single than be married to serve the Lord.

Well then what's so bad about the Roman Catholic Church?  These men loudly crow about FORBIDDING TO MARRY and yet they say the bible says it's better to be SINGLE than MARRIED.  Is that confusion?  Yes it is!

We have a load of confusion today and every evil work on one hand telling you that they are "bible believers" but they don't many times even quote the Holy Bible accurately.  And then they teach many things contrary to the word of God and handle various scriptures that lead many into confusion and contradictory dogmatic teachings.  

The load of confusion is great today and when I have asked these men questions I end up being the enemy and they shake me off and cannot answer hard questions.  Therefore I shall study this myself and let them continue to speak their great swelling words of vanity and alleged bible teachings:


1 comment:

  1. It specifically states in the bible that if a man cannot control his urges (and no healthy 20-year-old can), then he is better to take on a wife and to love her as he loves the church, than to live with sinful thoughts and desires; but if he can maintain control without trouble, then he is best to remain alone so he can put all of his focus onto the Lord and serving Him. Basically, what it is teaching is if a man divorces later in life or becomes a widow, it's usually wise not to remarry unless he just NEEDS to. :-)


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